English 4995: Undergraduate Thesis

If your GPA is high enough in your fourth year, you can opt to complete an Undergraduate Thesis course. This is an excellent opportunity for you to earn an “Honours Thesis” designation on your degree.

The length of the proposal for English 4995: Undergraduate Thesis should be 300 words with bibliography, typed in double space. The supervisor then submits the proposal for approval to a committee of elected members (or the Curriculum Committee) no later than one week ahead of the Add/Drop deadline of the semester in which the Honours Thesis is to be undertaken. The estimate length of the thesis is between 12000 to 18000 words, and the supervisor decides on the second reader of the thesis.

The supervisor is responsible for the apportion of grade for presentation, which is to be judged within the range of 80% (essay) and 20% (oral presentation) to 70% (essay) and 30% (oral presentation). The format of the oral presentation is to be conducted as a thesis defense; the student will give a report of the entire thesis followed by questions and answers. The supervisor and the second reader will attend and grade the oral presentation. The supervisor and the second reader will grade the thesis, and the supervisor has to notify the second reader of the final grade before submitting it to the Chair of the Department.

Contact your Department or Program Coordinator for more information.