English Students' Society

English Students' Society

About Us:

The English Students’ Society functions as a central communications hub where past and present English students, and individuals who enjoy literature, can receive information regarding literary events organized by the school, by the city, and by the students. The society also acts as a communications and organizational resource from which students can organize book clubs, study sessions, and other events.

2023/2024 Executive Members (as of April 30, 2024):

President:  Indie MacGarva
Co-Vice Presidents:  Claire Rose, Lily Wilson
Treasurer:  Olivia Ho


Check back for events.

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Contact Info/ How to get involved:

We are always looking for new information and event ideas to share with members. If you would like to organize an event or a club within the society, share information about an upcoming event, or if you have any questions, please e-mail: ulethess@gmail.com

Image Info:

The winner of our ESS Photo Competition was Bryan Rutter! The great thing about this image is that it can be anything, just like literature and that is the kind of thing we can get behind! Thank you to all who contributed.