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ASTR 2070NThe Solar SystemDaniel Furgason
BCHM 2300OLElements of Human NutritionAngeliki Pantazi
BIOL 2500OLBiology and SocietyRandall Barley
CPSC 1620AFundamentals of Programming IArie Bomhof
CPSC 1620L01CPSC 1620 Lab 1Arie Bomhof
CPSC 1620T01CPSC 1620 Tut 01Arie Bomhof
ECON 1010AIntroduction to MicroeconomicsDonna Townley
ECON 1012OLIntroduction to MacroeconomicsMoshe Lander
ECON 2900AEconomics and Business StatisticsJeff Davidson
ECON 2900OLEconomics and Business StatisticsMoshe Lander
ECON 3030OLManagerial EconomicsMichael Lanyi
ECON 3030OLAManagerial EconomicsLavinia Moldovan
ENGL 2700AFantasy and the Epic TraditionJay Gamble
GEOG 2000OLWorld Regional GeographyAriel Pollard-Belsheim
HIST 2300ALatin AmericaMatthew Todd
HIST 3850AThe History of StuffChristopher Churchill
HIST 3850OLMain Themes in Western Environmental HistoryMatthew Todd
IDST 3200OLGenetically Engineered MachinesAngeliki Pantazi
INDG 1000OLIntroduction to Indigenous StudiesErin Woodford
LBSC 2000OLLibrary Research and Information SystemsMary Greenshields
MATH 1410AElementary Linear AlgebraPeng-Jie Wong
MATH 1410T01MATH 1410 Tut 01Peng-Jie Wong
MATH 1560ACalculus IJana Archibald
MATH 1560T01MATH 1560 Tut 01Jana Archibald
MODL 1850OLIntroduction to German Language and CultureSteffi Dudley
MODL 1850OLAIntroduction to Russian Language and CultureNanda Stannard
NEUR 4850OLWorkshop in Computational NeuroscienceAaron Gruber
NEUR 4850OLWorkshop in Computational NeuroscienceDavid Euston
NEUR 4850OLWorkshop in Computational NeuroscienceArtur Luczak
NEUR 4850OLWorkshop in Computational NeuroscienceMajid Mohajerani
NEUR 4850OLWorkshop in Computational NeuroscienceMasami Tatsuno
PHIL 2000OLAThe Meaning of LifeKarl Laderoute
PHIL 2000OLBPhilosophy and FilmKarl Laderoute
PHIL 2210OLPhilosophy of ReligionDaniel Kary
POLI 3750AThe International Relations of Middle Earth: Lessons from Lord of the RingsChristopher Kukucha
POLI 3750OLPolitical Humour: Power and ResistanceDaisy Raphael
PSYC 2700OLBehaviour and EvolutionChinthaka Kaluthota
PSYC 3000OLPsychopathy: Historical and Modern Perspectives Scott Semenyna
PSYC 3330OLSocial CognitionJesse Martin
PSYC 3850OLLanguage Evolution and CognitionAlan Nielsen
RELS 3501OLNorth American ReligionsKurt Widmer
RELS 3501OLAMormonismKurt Widmer
SOCI 2500OLDeviance, Conformity and Social ControlTammy Hoekstra
SOCI 3850NSocial Justice in Public SafetyJami Albright-Tolman
SPAN 1000OLBeginners' Spanish IDiana Letts
STAT 1770AIntroduction to Probability and StatisticsZafer Selcuk Aygin
STAT 1770T01STAT 1770 Tut 01Zafer Selcuk Aygin
WRIT 1000AIntroduction to Academic WritingJacob Bachinger
WRIT 1000OLIntroduction to Academic WritingHelen Connolly
WRIT 1000OLAIntroduction to Academic WritingColin Martin