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Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan provides the overarching framework for the University’s activities by outlining clear strategic directions, values and fundamental principles to guide us towards achieving our vision. A new plan is developed every 5 years.

Comprehensive Institutional Plan

This government mandated plan provides an overview of how the U of L contributes to the government goals of affordability, accessibility and quality in post-secondary education. In it we identify our goals, expected outcomes and planned performance measures in support of the University’s Strategic Plan for a 3 year period.

Academic Plan

The University of Lethbridge Strategic Plan provides the overarching framework for the University Academic Plan that draws together the specific initiatives of the four Faculties and three Schools, which are further supported through the Library Academic Plan. The unit Academic Plans describe specific ongoing and new initiatives developed to support the goals of the University's Strategic Plan Directions as laid out in Destination 2020.

Members of the University of Lethbridge faculty and staff are invited to view the Academic Plan as a secured document. This Academic Plan is a high-level guide for University department and employee actions to support the stated goals and initiatives.

Academic Plan Progress Report

In the Academic Plan Progress Report, the Faculties, the Schools, and the Library assess and report on the progress their units have made over the past year on the Planned Academic initiatives laid out in the Academic Plan. The Progress Report notes successes, and identifies areas requiring attention or a renewed approach. This report helps units stay on track in achieving their goals and provides for best practices to be established and shared across academic units.