Academic Programming

Strategic Initiatives

New academic pathways and opportunities are initiated and developed in the Provost's Office to better serve student access and experience. Information on current initiatives under development is available here.


Indigenization is a strategic priority for the University with First Nations, Métis and Inuit students representing one of our fastest growing student populations. Iikaisskini Gathering Place is home to Indigenous Student Affairs and the staff dedicated to supporting students in their journey through university. The Faculty of Arts and Science offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Indigenous Studies in addition to the Indigenous Student Success Cohort which helps students transition into a university program. It also supports the First Nations, Métis and Inuit Students' Association. The Dhillon School of Business offers a Bachelor of Management in Indigenous Governance and Business Management and Indigenous student supports including a student mentoring program and an Elders program. The Faculty of Health Sciences offers a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Aboriginal Health and support services for Aboriginal students in Health Sciences programs.


Internationalization is a strategic priority throughout the planning and programming of the University of Lethbridge.  The University is committed to educating individuals who will become global citizens with international and intercultural skills and knowledge to succeed in an increasingly interdependent world.  We will increase the diversity of our campus community, improve our global and cross-cultural competencies, and develop opportunities for international collaborations and partnerships to engage our students and enhance our teaching, research, and service.


New academic programs have two approval paths: internal (U of L) and external (government and Campus Alberta Quality Council). Documentation for the internal approvals includes the Curriculum Coordinating Committee form and the Calendar entry.  Externally, the documentation is submitted  to Alberta Advanced Education and then to Campus Alberta Quality Council.

Quality Assurance

The U of L’s rigorous quality assurance process includes internal self-study and external review, overseen by the Academic Quality Assurance Committee, a General Faculties Council committee. For more information on the process, committee, performance indicators, review schedule, and completed quality assurance reviews, go to the Quality Assurance website.