Strategic Initiatives

Dual Credit

Dual Credit is an opportunity for high school students to take university entry level courses from university instructors while attending high school. The program is designed to introduce students to the rigours of post-secondary course content and instruction while still in high school in order to ease the transition to university life and eventually to the workplace. Students earn five credits for a high school course and a three credit course from the University of Lethbridge.

Dual Credit opportunities are intended to deliver alternative learner pathways toward students’ success and life-long learning. The University of Lethbridge is in partnership with all school divisions in southwestern Alberta to deliver numerous courses in a variety of delivery models.

Dual Admission

Dual Admission enables students to be simultaneously enrolled at a partner college and the U of L. Dually admitted students begin taking courses at a college and then seamlessly transfer to the U of L to complete a bachelors degree. Students receive academic and career information and advice from both institutions to ensure all the courses they take at the college are transferable to the U of L and are pursuing their passions and interests. Students may participate in U of L Co-op programming immediately prior to attending the U of L. They may also participate in or have access to Faculty programming outside the classroom, such as art shows, and the PUBlic Professor talks.

Senior Students Academic Career Pathway

The School of Graduate Studies will offer up to 10 placements for senior undergraduate science students to take the 5000-level applied research studies course, APRS 5980, to be held in the state-of-the-art Science Commons Building that opened Summer 2019. With research training in a faculty member’s lab, students will experience a seamless pathway to graduate programs to further their academic career.