FAQ for Students

We are excited to welcome you to the Spring 2022 term at uLethbridge. Here’s what you can expect this spring with answers to some frequently asked questions.

Last updated: May 17, 2022 at 1:40pm

Spring 2022 Credit/Non-Credit Grading Option

This option will open to you on May 5th and will remain open until 11:59 p.m. on May 17th. After May 18th your decision is final and will appear on your official transcript.

Fill out this form and email to student.records@uleth.ca before the deadline.

Typically a student would only select NC if they earned an F in their course(s). NC does not have any impact on your GPA.

Technically you can this term, but there may be instances where choosing to leave the alpha grade you earned would be better. Typically CR grades are viewed by other institutions and professional bodies as a minimal pass.

Not any grade. Master’s students can use NC to replace a C+ or lower and Ph.D. students can use NC to replace a B- or lower. The CR designation is not available in Spring 2022 for graduate students.

In most cases, yes. Admission to most graduate programs is based on a certain number of graded courses. A course with CR will not generally meet that requirement and you may find yourself short one course for application.

Your admission to Education is based on the last 14 graded courses you have completed. If using CR to replace alpha grades, those specific courses will not count as your last graded courses.

No. Most external licensing bodies will not accept CR. You should contact those agencies and training bodies directly to confirm before making your decision.

No - this is a permanent change. Choosing Credit to replace an earned alpha grade will “erase” the professor assigned grade and cannot be reversed.

Yes, but be aware that it may take longer for your final transcript to be updated. You will want to check your grades on the Bridge prior to ordering your transcript to ensure the CR/NC has been applied.

You should request your transcript after May 18th. If you request your transcript prior to this time the CR/NC grades will not be on your transcript and you’ll need to request another transcript. To ensure you've got your CR/NC applied, check your final grades on the Bridge prior to ordering your transcripts.

Typically no. If you are funded by a specific external scholarship, grant, community, band or tribe there may be specific requirements. You should reach out directly to the office that provides your funding for confirmation.

No, this will not have any effect on your current loan or future loans.

Not all courses. There are some courses in Education and Health Sciences for which CR/NC is not possible. CR/NC cannot be applied to courses that use a Pass/Fail grade mode. Graduate students can use NC for courses that are extra-to-credential, but not for courses constituting your credential, required courses in Education and specifically required- non-Management courses. 

Graduate students cannot use CR for any courses. NC can be used for courses that are extra-to-credential, but not for courses constituting your credential, required courses in Education and specifically required- non-Management courses. NC can be used for:

C+ or lower (master's students)

B- or lower (doctoral)


Item Calendar (normal use) Spring 2022 only
CR use replaces UG: C-, D
GR: n/a for grades above NC use
UG: any grade D and higher
GR: n/a for grades above NC use
NC use replaces UG: F
GR: C+ or lower (master’s)
GR: B- or lower (doctoral)
UG: F (to replace 0 grade point)
GR: C+ or lower (master’s)
GR: B- or lower (doctoral)
Exclusion (course types)
Note: Spring 2020 and Spring 2022 show inclusions as well
UG: major, specialization or minor, required courses in Education and specifically-required, non-Dhillon School of Business courses.
GR: courses constituting the student’s degree, required courses in Education and specifically-required, non-Management courses.
UG: Inclusion: Any course; excluding required courses in Education, course required to meet external professional requirements (e.g. accounting if going for CPA), and those where the Pass/Fail option is used.
GR: Including courses that are extra to credential; excluding courses constituting the student’s degree, required courses in Education and specifically-required, non-Management courses.
Number permitted per term 2 (counted toward maximum). Any number (not counted toward maximum).
Limit per program Yes - Varies by credential type. Not counted toward limit.
Replace previously earned grade No. Yes (for spring 2022, use within that term).
Allowed to satisfy prerequisite requirements Not specified. Yes.
Allowed to satisfy graduation requirements   Yes. The use of a CR to substitute for a C-, D or D+  satisfies graduation requirements (some exceptions), as well as internal University of Lethbridge undergraduate pre-requisite requirements.
Transcript notation Yes – defining CR/NC. Yes – defining CR/NC only.
Add statement in academic calendar explaining use in Spring 2022 and provide a letter to student if requested.


Return to learning

Classes began on March 23.

The Spring 2022 term will conclude on May 5.

The delivery method of your course is the same as it was before the labour disruption. Classes taught online before the labour disruption are continuing online for the rest of this term. Experiential courses that were delivered in person prior to the labour disruption are permitted to be in-person.

Exams/evaluations for courses that were taught wholly online before the labour disruption will be held virtually through the conclusion of the term. The Testing Centre will only be open for exams for courses taught in person. If you are registered with the Accommodated Learning Centre (ALC), please contact them for instructions.

The Spring 2022 term will remain primarily online until the end of the term. In-person classes will resume as regularly scheduled for the summer term.


Original course outlines will be updated and new dates and evaluation parameters are being developed by your instructors. Professors will be provided flexibility with respect to undergraduate and graduate students under the Assessment of Student Learning Policy (concerning alteration of class schedules, course outlines, exams, tests, or any other attempt to facilitate completion of the Spring 2022 term). As noted in the policy, changes made in emergent circumstances must not disadvantage students.

We have encouraged instructors to consult students and incorporate their input, as appropriate, and where possible to provide increased flexibility on how students can meet the core learning objectives of the course. We have asked professors to provide relevant updated course outline information as soon as possible after the return to classes.

The Assessment of Student Learning Policy allows professors to make changes that balance the rights and interests of students and the quality and integrity of academic programs. If you feel a change disadvantages you, you should discuss the situation with your professor in a timely fashion and cooperate to resolve them. If after talking with your professor you still have concerns, please contact academic advising, your Department Chair (if applicable) or the appropriate Dean’s Office.

The first date at which assessments (papers, quizzes, tests, exams, etc.) may occur, or called due, is March 25, 2022.

Students can request to use the Credit/No Credit Designation after they have received their final grades. The opportunity will be available from May 5 and until May 17, 2022. The University may approve the use of Credit/No Credit in limited circumstances in a broader range of situations, at the request of a student, with implementation details to follow.

Information about the implications of credit/non-credit and the online request process will be sent to students later in the term.

There will be no separate final exam period for Spring 2022 term. Final assessments will be integrated into your course and will occur prior to May 5, 2022.

The start dates for practica, internships, clinical placements, co-ops etc. may vary according to the type of placement. Instructors will notify participating students of the status, hours and start date of experiential activities as soon as possible.

There is support available if you need it. Counselling Services has emergency appointments every day if you are in crisis. Additionally, they offer one-to-one counselling and a variety of mental health resources. Wait times for these services are typically less than two weeks. Contact counselling.services@uleth.ca or 403-317-2845 for an appointment. Check out our mental health webinar.

Indigenous Elders and other supports for Indigenous students are available at the Iikaisskini Indigenous Student Centre.

Students can withdraw from a course(s) up until May 5, 2022. Students who withdraw will receive a W on their transcript. Tuition and fees for withdrawn courses will not be refunded. However, students who withdraw from Spring 2022 during or after the labour disruption, and then register in classes at the University in any term up to and including Spring 2023, will receive the tuition credit promotion.

Graduate program milestone deadlines will be flexible and determined in consultation with graduate administrative staff and graduate supervisors.  The (re)scheduling of graduate student program milestones (comprehensive exams, oral defenses, etc.) is now in process.

Students will be able to complete Spring 2022 courses to meet graduation requirements. All students who are working to complete their final graduating requirements will be able to participate in convocation. The University is planning a convocation ceremony and these dates will be selected and communicated by April 6, 2022. The new deadline to apply to graduate is Thursday, March 31, 2022. 


Yes. The first start date for the Summer 2022 term is May 9, 2022. Registration for Summer 2022 will open on March 28, 2022.

The University will offer complimentary accommodation for students (until the new end of term – May 5, 2022) who are attending in-person and whose off-campus lease expires on April 30, 2022. An application to Housing is required and this option will be provided on a first come, first served basis, at no cost to students. Contact Housing at housing@uleth.ca for more details.

The University has waived on-campus housing fees for residence students beyond the initial April 21, 2022 deadline. On-campus students can stay in residence at no charge from April 21, 2022 to the conclusion of the term (May 5, 2022).

Yes, parking permits with the original expiry date of April 30, 2022, will be extended till May 5.

Information regarding summer parking permits can be found on the website.


The Dining Plan has two components: Base Dollars and Flex Dollars. On May 1:

  • Any remaining Base Dollars will roll over to Flex Dollars 
  • Any remaining Flex Dollars will roll over to Bridge Bucks

More information about the dining plan can be found here.

The University will provide a 20 per cent tuition credit for continuing undergraduate students (based on Spring 2022 billable credit hours) and a comparable amount for graduate students. Graduating students will receive equivalent refunds.

Students who withdraw from Spring 2022 during or after the labour disruption, and then register in classes at the University in any term up to and including Spring 2023, will receive the tuition credit.

The tuition credit will be time-limited to the 2022-23 academic year (Summer 2022, Fall 2022, Spring 2023). These credits will be applied to all student accounts by April 30, 2022.

Graduating students should ensure their address and banking information is up-to-date on the bridge. Refunds will be direct-deposited into your accounts (providing students have no outstanding balance). If your student account balance is $0 when the refund is deposited, you can request a refund.

The University will also reduce the Sport and Recreation Services fee by 25 per cent, waive the University’s administrative fee on UPass, waive interest incurred on student accounts during the labour disruption and credit two months of parking fees for students holding permits.

Students transferring from the University will receive a refund for all applicable fees in the sentence above. 

The University is working with Alberta Student Aid to prevent students from being negatively affected – including interest accrual. For information contact fin.aid@uleth.ca.

We encourage students to apply for awards and other financial support. You can find more information here. Emergency bursaries may be available to you. Contact awards@uleth.ca with the heading, Emergency Support, to receive an application.

Band funding is typically based on credit hours and we encourage you not to reduce your course enrolments as this could potentially impact your ability to secure future band-funding.

Indigenous students should contact their funders directly.

The Iikaisskini Indigenous Services Team is here to support all Indigenous students in transitioning back to their term.

· Iikaisskini Administrative Offices: E610 is open from 8:30-4:30 Monday-Friday. Do not hesitate to contact us at 403-394-3902 if you need assistance.
· Iikaisskini Indigenous Student Centre: W650 is also open from 8:30-4:30 Monday-Friday.
· For more information, contact Lindi Shade, Manager of Iikaisskini Indigenous Services, lindi.shade@uleth.ca, Jodie Flamand, Indigenous Student Advisor, jodie.flamand@uleth.ca, or Christine Goodstriker, Administrative Support, c.goodstriker@uleth.ca.

To our Blackfoot students who are in community and/or finishing your term online, please note that our Blackfoot Confederacy Navigators are also available for additional supports. Please contact your designated community navigators as follows:

· Kainai Navigators: Jill Chief Calf, Education Navigator, jill.chiefcalf@uleth.ca or Trent Frank, Employment Navigator, trent.frank@uleth.ca
· Piikani Navigators: Deserae Yellow Horn, Education Navigator, d.yellowhorn@uleth.ca, or Verona White Cow, Employment Navigator, Employment Navigator, verona.whitecow@uleth.ca.
· Siksika Navigators: Leroy Wolf Collar, Education Navigator, leroy.wolfcollar@uleth.ca, or Ek-Kanakii Mekaisto, Employment Navigator, kanakii.mekaisto@uleth.ca.

Elder Support
Elders are available on-campus for the duration of the Spring 2022 term. Please refer to the March and April schedule that will be posted both in the Iikaisskini Gathering Centre and online.
· Please contact Rhonda Crow, Indigenous Learning and Program Coordinator, rhonda.crow@uleth.ca for additional details.

Indigenous Financial Supports
Indigenous-specific emergency funding is available based on financial need and availability. Please contact Scholarships and Student Finance at awards@uleth.ca.

What to expect on campus

No. The vaccine mandate ended on March 1, 2022. Nonetheless, uLethbridge wholeheartedly embraces the value of vaccination in keeping the members of our campus community, their loved ones, and the broader community safe. We are a highly vaccinated community, and this high level of vaccination helps protect us all.

Yes, masking is mandated in indoor areas until the end of the spring term. After that, masking is optional.

Masking is a step we can each take to demonstrate care for our community. There are limited exceptions when you may consider removing your mask.

You must bring your own mask. Face shields do not replace masks, as they only protect the eyes, and do not prevent inhaling infectious respiratory droplets.


Classrooms are cleaned and sanitized daily by the Caretaking team. The sanitization protocol involves steps to kill and/or inactivate various types of pathogens, including viruses such as COVID-19.

Increased vaccination rates, mandated masking and hand sanitizing are effective measures to protect everyone’s safety on campus.

Missing class

If you cannot attend a class due to illness, you have to report to the instructor that you will not be present in the class.

Given we want to ensure that those who are ill stay home, a doctor’s note is not required.

Missing an exam

You are responsible to communicate with the instructor prior to the exam and make appropriate arrangements.

Academic support                    

You can record audio or video of lectures providing prior approval has been given by your instructor or the performer. Even with permission, the recording can only be used for personal study and may not be duplicated. Please consult the Academic Calendar for more information.

As a student, you have a responsibility to conduct yourself with academic integrity. This means being honest in your work and responsibility for acknowledging the work of others. uLethbridge values the academic integrity of our staff and students and take academic offenses seriously.

Academic offenses include cheating, duplication, plagiarism, distributing or receiving confidential academic materials, and misrepresentation. You can learn more about academic integrity and find helpful resources on the Student Success Centre website. Click on Academic Integrity in the drop-down.

Yes! Our Writing Centre offers free consultations to all students to assist at every stage of the writing process. Appointments are currently taking place online. Learn how the Writing Centre can help you succeed at uLethbridge. 

New Student Orientation is September 7. If you are a new incoming student, check your inbox for Mentor Mail for more information.


For Spring 2021 to Spring 2023, Admissions will accept Duolingo, IELTS Indicator, and TOEFL Special Home Edition as means of meeting ELP. For further information, visit Admissions.

Completed courses (including grades of CR, Pass, or Completed), will be used to meet additional admission requirements and pre-requisites for courses.


The online store is always open!

The regular hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30-4:30, and closed weekends as well as stat holidays. 

The bookstore is sometimes open for special events outside of regular hours, we will post additional hours on our website.

You can also follow us on our social media platforms:
Twitter: @UofLBookstore
Instagram: uoflbookstore 

Visit the Bookstore FAQ for more information. 
If you dont see your question listed and require more assistance, you can request help here.

You can order your books online at https://bookstore.uleth.ca/. You will be able to select from new, used or digital, rental or purchase.

Absolutely! Both through online ordering and in store.


Yes, you have 14 days from the 1st day of class to return, this can be done in-store monday to friday: 9am – 4pm; or, if you have ordered a textbook through our online store, please return, prepaid, using a traceable means.  You will be credited once the book return has been processed by the bookstore staff.

If you would like to pick up your web order rather than paying for shipping, please select that option as part of check out. Shipping costs for both purchases and returns are the sole responsibility of the student.

The lists are ready now at Text Express (your textbook list) found on bookstore.uleth.ca under the Course Material option.

The cost of your textbooks may vary greatly depending on the classes you're taking and the formats you choose.

For example, used or digital textbooks can be significantly cheaper than new traditional textbooks. A general rule of thumb is to budget for $150-$200 per class.

No, you have 14 days from the 1st day of class to return, which can be done in-store during regular business hours; or, if you have ordered a textbook through our online store, please return, prepaid, using a traceable means.  You will be credited once the book return has been processed by the bookstore staff.

Course delivery                          

Synchronous course: A course that meets on specific, scheduled days and times for live instruction, discussion, and course work. This means your instructor will meet with the class online during those times, and that regular class activity is held during this time period. You are expected to attend class, and are advised not to schedule other courses or commitments during the scheduled class time. Check the timetable note for confirmation that the course meets on the days and times scheduled.

Asynchronous course: A course that is delivered online, with no specific days or times scheduled. This means you will complete all course components on your own time and schedule, and there will be no scheduled meet times for the duration of the term. There will still be deadlines for readings, assignments, essays, test, etc. It is up to you to follow the instructor’s lead and manage your time to complete all required work by the deadlines set by your instructor. Check the timetable note for confirmation that there are no meet days or times scheduled.

A blended course is a course that is offered partially online and partially in-person. In the timetable, the Course Note and the Instructional Method with both indicate that the course is blended.

Most Spring 2022 term classes will begin online until January 21. We intend for courses to go back to their originally scheduled delivery (indicated in your Week at a Glance on the Bridge) after that date. Please keep your eye on your uleth.ca email for updates from your professors and the University.  View the Timetable

We are currenly building the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 timetables. These will be published mid-term (end of February), along with Summer 2022. The Fal and Spring schedules are predominently in-person. 

Financial aid

The provincial government suggests applying for student loans at least 60 days before the start of classes.

Housing Services                             

All residence students and other community members will be required to wear masks in common hallways. Enhanced cleaning measures will ensure high touch points are frequently disinfected. 

The Housing Services office will be open to serve students on weekdays. Outside of business hours, student staff is well trained to support students and well-versed in campus resources. They can be reached via telephone when the Housing Services office is closed.

Yes! Options for mature students in housing include our apartment building Mt. Blackiston, our two townhomes Siksika and Tsuu t’ina, and Residence Village.

Learn more about our housing options for mature learners. 

Yes, each room has access to wired internet. Wifi is also available throughout campus. 

UHall dormitories will open to students this fall.

Parking & transit

No, not all students require a parking spot. Students living in residence will apply for a parking permit during their Check-in through Housing Services, not through the parking lottery.

Parking  permits will be handed out to students on the parking waitlist.

If you are requiring a parking permit please add your name to the Student Waitlist by going to parking.uleth.ca, click on permits students/employees, log in with your Bridge information, and click join waitlist. When a permit is available, you will receive an email to your uLethbridge email account and will have 48 hours to purchase the permit.

Registering for courses          

Each student will have their own registration window, with course registration opening mid-March 2022. You can check your individual registration window on your Bridge account starting March 1, 2022. Select the Student tab > Registration > Add, Drop, or Withdraw from Classes > Select the Term and your individual dates will be listed. 

Yes! Students interested in taking summer courses at another institution must fill out the proper Visiting Student Authorization (VSA) forms. Please contact your academic advisor before applying for a VSA.

This information can be found on your Program Planning Guide (PPG). Here are is a list of our PPGs: ulethbridge.ca/ross/ppgs 

Full-time student status is three to five courses per term. The average student at uLethbridge takes four courses per term.

Chat with your academic advisor if you are looking to declare a minor! You can find contact information for your Faculty or School's academic advising teams here.

Think of your sample sequence plan as the road map to your degree; it is just one of many routes to make it to your destination. You can follow it perfectly or you can branch out and move courses around if you choose to do so. The courses you will most likely want to make sure you take when they are suggested are those that are in bold. These courses are prerequisites for future required courses, so it is heavily suggested to take them when the PPG recommends them.

Sports & athletics

You should meet with your coaching staff to make sure you are planning your course schedule around your training schedule. You should also work with your teammates (especially those in their 3rd or 4th year) to see what they suggest. It can be tough to balance the workload of being a student athlete so also make sure that you discuss any major decisions with your academic advisors.  

Many teams host open tryouts. It is important to reach out to the coaches if you are interested in joining a team. 

Lifeguarding tryouts are usually run throughout the year when there is an open position. Keep an eye on the job board for postings or request to speak with the manager of Maxbell Aquatics to inquire about open tryouts. All lifeguards must have up-to-date certification.


(Email, Bridge, etc.)

Your email is created when you accept your offer of admission and pay your deposit. Visit ulethbridge.ca/webmail to sign in to Webmail. Your email will be your uLeth username with @uleth.ca added to the end of it. Please check your webmail frequently so you don’t miss out on any communications from uLethbridge, your professors, or classmates. 

Applicants have their email created once they accept the offer and pay the deposit.

Once you have created an account on the Bridge, you will receive your username and email.

As a result of email migrating from Google to Microsoft, you may need to change the configuration on your email client to continue to receive email. For more about this change visit the Student Office 365 Migration website, for general IT help visit the ITS Solution Centre.

The Office 365 apps (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote etc.) can be downloaded at portal.office.com/account (Click “Install Office”). You can also download the Teams app.

You can learn about engaging with your course material in Moodle, connecting to online computer labs and the ins and outs of Office 365 at go.uleth.ca/student-tech

Tuition & fees               

You can find the current list of tuition and fees at ulethbridge.ca/financial-services/fee-schedules.

Tuition and fees are assessed to student accounts on the first day of classes each term. You can view your registration charges as soon as you have completed registration; go to your student Bridge account and check under Registration Fee Assessment. You can also find a detailed report of your charges under Account Summary by Term.

Yes! Our University of Lethbridge Students Union offers Health & Dental coverage to all full-time students. Students with pre-existing coverage can opt out of this service. Learn more about the benefits and how to opt out.

Tuition and fees are due in full on October 1st for the fall term and February 1st for the spring term. You can pay online through your bank or in person at the Cash Office, located in Anderson Hall.  

Your tuition and fees will be calculated once you have selected all of your classes. Your tuition will be assessed after the add/drop deadline (after first week of classes) and you will find the tuition for your semester on your Bridge account!