Bachelor of Nursing After Degree

Practice based experiences in hospitals, community health organizations, and home care agencies allows students to apply skills and knowledge to real world situations.

The two-year Bachelor of Nursing After Degree program is offered over six consecutive semesters. Students complete the first two semesters at Lethbridge College, and complete the remaining four semesters at the University of Lethbridge.

Upon completion, graduates will be eligible to write the Canadian licensure exam to become a Registered Nurse (RN). 


Tuition & fees

Due to the collaborative nature of the B.N. After Degree program, students must pay tuition and fees at Lethbridge College for the first two semesters of the program (plus one course in the Fall term at the U of L). Tuition and fees for the remainder of the program are paid to the University of Lethbridge. Refer to the links below to see the Tuition Fee guidelines for each institution: Lethbridge College & University of Lethbridge Fee Schedules

Actual costs will be reflected at time of registration. Please refer to Lethbridge College website for the estimated tuition costs for the first two semesters. See the course sequencing plan in the Program Planning Guide for course sequening information. 

Other Costs

• Blue nursing scrubs
• Stethoscope
• Blood pressure cuff
• Pen lights

All items are available at the Lethbridge College Bookstore, as well as other vendors within the community.

Student loans 

Questions regarding student loans can be directed to Lethbridge College's Student Awards and Financial Aid and/or the Scholarships & Student Finance Office at the University of Lethbridge.


Students may want to explore residence options at uLethbridge.

The Simulation Health Centre is available to support student learning and ongoing clinical practice development. Read more here!

Refer to the Program Planning Guide for a list of courses required in the B.N. After Degree program (Fall 2022) and the course sequencing plan: Program Planning Guide

*The new Fall 2023 B.N. After Degree curriculum will be available and posted here when available.