B.N. After Degree

Practice based experiences in hospitals, community health organizations, and home care agencies allows students to apply skills and knowledge to real world situations.

The Bachelor of Nursing After Degree program is offered over six consecutive semesters. Students complete the first two semesters at Lethbridge College and complete the remaining four semesters at the University of Lethbridge. Upon completion, graduates will be eligible to write the Canadian licensure exam to become a Registered Nurse (RN). 

Admission requirements and the curriculum will be changing for the BN After Degree program for Fall 2022. Please refer to the information below for these changes if you are preparing for admission in Fall 2022 and later.

The application for the “BN or BNAD” program will reopen again on September 1st, 2021 for the next intake for Fall 2022.

The B.N. After Degree program only has a Fall (September intake). The deadline to apply for admission is March 1.

Admission Decision Documents must be received by April 1 and Final Documents by June 15. ​See the Application and Document Deadlines Chart.

Mid-point grades must be submitted by April 1 for courses currently in progress.

Applicants to the B.N. After Degree program must present the following:

  • An approved undergraduate degree (a minimum of 30 or more courses [90.0 credit hours] from a recognized degree-granting institution).
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology, 6.0 credit hours (two term courses)
  • Statistics, 3.0 credit hours (one term course)
  • Fine Arts or Humanities courses, 3.0 credit hours (one term course)
  • Social science courses, 6.0 credit hours (two term courses)
  • Proof of Spoken English Language Proficiency and English Language Proficiency

Keep in mind that Human Anatomy and Physiology and Statistics must be completed within 10 years preceding the term of admission. (Waivers will not be permitted if the ten year limit has passed or if courses taken are less than the required credit weight; these courses will need to be retaken. Please consider the Nursing Preparation Program as a way to complete these requirements.)

Admission to this program is competitive, with an admission average for the Fall 2022 intake being calculated using the grades received in Anatomy/Physiology, Statistics and the terms containing the most recent 17 university level subjects. 

Note: Mid-point grades must be submitted for courses currently in progress.

*Admission requirements will be changing as of Fall 2022 and these changes have been reflected above. Please contact nursing@uleth.ca for more details.

International Documents
International applicants are strongly advised to have all prerequisite courses completed by the application deadline of March 1. Interim/unofficial documents, including English Language Proficiency and Spoken English Language Proficiency requirements, must be received by April 1, and all final documents must be received by June 15.

Spoken English Language Proficiency Requirement
All applicants must meet the Faculty of Health Sciences Spoken English Language Proficiency requirement.

International Centre for Students
The International Centre for Students is committed to assisting international students in meeting their academic and personal goals, as well as fostering cross-cultural understanding and learning among students, staff, and faculty in the University and in the surrounding community. Please contact the International Centre for Students for more information on their programs and services that can assist you in your transition to the University of Lethbridge!

The Faculty of Health Sciences demonstrates its commitment to Aboriginal peoples and communities by offering admission to First Nations, Métis, and Inuit applicants. This is to ensure that we are:

  • following the University of Lethbridge’s fundamental principles and key strategic priorities to ensure that our programs meet the needs of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities
  • addressing Call to Action #7 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada to eliminate educational and employment gaps between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians

Applicants who have declared their Aboriginal ancestry at the time of application may be considered by criteria designed to help address the traditional underrepresentation of Aboriginal people in health professions. For more information, contact an Academic Advisor.

Due to the collaborative nature of the B.N. After Degree program, students must pay tuition and fees at Lethbridge College for the first two semesters of the program (plus one course in the Fall term at the U of L). Tuition and fees for the remainder of the program are paid to the University of Lethbridge. Refer to the links below to see the Tuition Fee guidelines for each institution: Lethbridge College & University of Lethbridge Fee Schedules

Actual costs will be reflected at time of registration. Please refer to Lethbridge College website for the estimated tuition costs for the first two semesters.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING STUDENT LOANS: Students are considered full-time at Lethbridge College for the first two semesters and full-time at the U of L for all remaining semesters.

For the first term the courses and credits for Canadian students are as follows (**International Students, please refer to the links above**):
NSG 181 (6 credits at LC) - (refer to LC fees - scroll to bottom)
NSG 182 (6 credits at LC) - (refer to LC fees)
NURS 3360 (3 credits at UofL) (See U of L website for fees)

Second term:
NSG 250 (3 credits at LC) - (refer to LC fees)
NSG 290 (3 credits at LC) - (refer to LC fees)
NSG 263 (12 credits at LC) - (refer to LC fees)

Third term:
NURS 2125 (3 credits at UofL)
NURS 2255 (5 credits at UofL)
NURS 3125 (3 credits at UofL)
NURS 4511 (5 credits at UofL)
(See U of L website for fees)

Fourth term:
NURS 3135 (3 credits at UofL)
NURS 3020 (3 credits at UofL)
NURS 4520 (6 credits at UofL)
(See U of L website for fees)

Fifth term:
NURS 4135 (3 credits at UofL)
NURS 3230 (3 credits at UofL)
NURS 4530 (6 credits at UofL)
(See U of L website for fees)

Sixth term:
NURS 4750 (15 credits at UofL)
(See U of L website for fees)

Please note: you may be able to view a detail of your costs for these first two terms by logging into your online accounts at both intuitions; any courses currently registered in should show as tuition owing.


• Blue nursing scrubs
• Stethoscope
• Blood pressure cuff
• Pen lights

All items are available at the Lethbridge College Bookstore, as well as other vendors within the community.

Students are considered full-time at Lethbridge College for the first two years and full-time at the U of L for all remaining semesters.

Questions regarding student loans can be directed to Lethbridge College's Student Awards and Financial Aid and/or the Scholarships & Student Finance Office at the University of Lethbridge.


The BN program is collaborative with the first two years completed at Lethbridge College and the final two years completed at the University of Lethbridge. Students may want to explore residence options for the appropriate institution at the links above.


Find out more about our nursing instructors here.

The Simulation Health Centre is available to support student learning and ongoing clinical practice development. Read more here!

Refer to the Program Planning Guide for a list of courses required in the B.N. After Degree program (Fall 2021) and the course sequencing plan: Program Planning Guide

*The new Fall 2022 B.N. After Degree curriculum will be available and posted here at a later time.



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