2021 Recipients

Honorary Degrees are the highest honour conferred by the University of Lethbridge. The degrees are awarded to distinguished individuals in recognition of their scholarly, scientific or artistic achievement, or in recognition of exceptional contributions to the public good.

Regardless of the path they chose, each honoree is an inspiration. They have changed the world, or at least the way we look at it, having an impact both now and for generations to come.



Chancellor Charles Weaselhead proudly conferred honorary degrees to five exceptional individuals at this year’s Chancellor’s Reception.



uLethbridge 2021 Honorary Degree Recipient Tribute Video



Maryls Edwardh - Honorary Degree Recipient

Marlys Edwardh, Doctor of Laws, honoris causa

One of the first female lawyers to practice criminal law in Canada, Marlys Edwardh has changed the landscape of Canadian law and championed civil liberties and human rights through her support of freedom of the press, the rights of the mentally ill and the LGBTQ+ community and the wrongfully convicted.

Richard Haskayne - Honorary Degree Recipient

Richard Haskayne, Doctor of Laws, honoris causa

Richard Haskayne, widely regarded as one of the most successful executives in Canadian corporate history, credits his proud rural Albertan roots and honours this great province with dedicated philanthropy and a mission to give back.

Dr. David Olson - Honorary Degree Recipient

Dr. David Olson, Doctor of Science, honoris causa

One of the world's leading researchers on preterm birth, David Olson has spent nearly 40 years addressing an urgent need for improved pregnancy outcomes by developing new strategies for early risk assessment and intervention and inspiring a generation of sceientists throughout the world to work collaboratively to address this vital issue.

Paulette Senior - Honorary Degree Recipient

Paulette Senior, Doctor of Laws, honoris causa

Strong commitments to justice and equality have fueled Paulette Senior's activism her entire life and enabled her to not only overcome adverse childhood experiences but also, as CEO of the Canadian Women's Foundation, to make significant strides as an advocate for the rights of women, girls and gender non-binary people.

Janice Varzari - Honorary Degree Recipient

Janice Varzari, Doctor of Laws, honoris causa

An alumna, senator, Board of Governors member and the 13th Chancellor for the University of Lethbridge, Janice Varzari has been a part of the fabric of the instituion for greater than 30 years, advancing the University's mandate and creating a legacy of student support.