Danaka Porter

Danaka Porter, BA, MEng, PhD candidate

Sessional Lecturer


Calgary campus | 


I grew up in:
Vancouver, B.C., but I have lived in 6 different cities in North America.
My alma maters are:
UBC and MIT. I opted to go to schools located next to the ocean before moving to a city and province that was landlocked.
I started working with the Dhillon School of Business in:
2019, which feels like a million years ago and somehow yesterday at the same time. 
My research interests are:
Supply chain management/optimization, process optimization and process engineering.
I am passionate about: 
Helping others and making things better than how I found them. Then of course optimizing organizations, my life, my friends' Tupperware drawers...you get the idea.
The best advice I have ever received is:
If you do what you love, working does not feel like work! I live by that saying and its helped ensure that my career is varied and fun. I truly enjoy all that I do!
Book(s) I recommend:
"The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" by Robin Sharma. It provides excellent advice on how to structure your life (personal, work, relationships) to best suit your needs while encasing it in an easy to follow story.