Anastasia Stuart-Edwards, BA, PhD

Assistant Professor


Lethbridge campus |  403-317-5034

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My alma mater is: 
University of Manitoba, class of 2019.
I started working with the Dhillon School of Business in:


My research interests are:
Workplace mindfulness; occupational health and well-being; and mental health at work.


I'm passionate about:
Professionally, I am deeply interested in understanding how work can serve as a source of meaning, learning, pride, joy and social connection, rather than merely a cause of stress. On a personal level, I am passionate about animal rights, sustainability and creative expression.
The best advice I have ever received is:
Don't let perfection be the enemy of good. 
A perfect day for me looks like:
A day that begins with a restful night's sleep and a smell of coffee, followed by a walk with my dogs and a productive day at work, wrapped up with a dinner alongside my family or friends.