Samples of Undergraduate Honours and Independent Research

Honours Thesis:

  • WGST 4995 - Late Nights in Lethbridge: Parenting and the Pursuit of Post-Secondary Education, Mary Siever (Supervisor: Suzanne Lenon)
  • WGST 4995 - Preventation of Victimization, Lindsay Silva (Supervisor: Jo-Anne Fiske)
  • HIST 4995 - Community, Contraception, and Controversy: The Lethbridge Birth Control and Information Centre in the 1970s, Karissa Patton (Supervisor: Carol Williams)

Applied Studies:

  • Exploring Gender Bias in STEM
  • The Efficacy of Student Led Activism
  • Feminist Socio-Legal Research & Practice
  • The Efficacy of Student Led Activism
  • The Dynamics of Feminist Collectives
  • Queer Activisms in Canada
  • Community Support Services and Healing Strategies for Blackfoot Women
  • Informing Social Policy on Sexual Assault

Independent Studies:

  • Documenting Queer Oral Histories
  • Critical Trans Politics in North America
  • Trauma & Forced Migration
  • Feminism & Modern Witchcraft
  • Critical Trans Politics in North America
  • Regulation of Gender Identity in Law & Education
  • Feminist Theories of Sexual Violence
  • Gendered Representations in the Alberta 2012 Election
  • Politics of Sex Work in Canada
  • Kainaiwa Beadwork: Modern and Historical Beadwork Practices