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As a religious studies student, you’ll do more than just examine the beliefs and practices of the world’s major religions. You’ll learn about the phenomenon of religion as a whole and explore the rich diversity of religious experience and expression in both Eastern and Western traditions, past and present.

You will also learn how different groups from around the world have responded to life’s crucial questions through their unique viewpoints. You’ll also delve into how these groups have developed socio-cultural knowledge by studying issues such as: belief, religious texts, worship, ritual, concepts of the divine, the human condition and the historical development of particular religions.

Religious studies strives to do more than just examine the beliefs and practices provided by the world's major religious traditions. It seeks to understand and appreciate how different groups of people, within the world's many cultures, and at various points in time, have responded to crucial questions of meaningful existence.

Thus, religious studies is an excellent discipline for understanding different cultures and human values by exploring religious responses that manifest as beliefs, religious texts, forms of worship, rituals, concepts of the divine and the human condition, as well as the historical development of various religions.

Religious studies at the University of Lethbridge is supported by a number of highly-qualified faculty members who possess both textual and socio-cultural knowledge in their fields.

This program offers a diverse and well-balanced major, which covers a wide range of religious traditions, geographical and cultural regions, historical periods, and thematic topics.

The Religious Studies program also encourages you to complete coursework in various other complementary disciplines, such as:
Indigenous Studies

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