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The World Council of Indigenous Peoples define Indigenous peoples as ”people, living in countries which have populations composed of differing ethnic or racial groups, who are descendants of the earliest populations living in the area and who do not as a group control the national government of the countries within which they live.” ​

Indigenous Studies at the University of Lethbridge is dedicated to community-engaged scholarship, and research of the priorities and aspirations of Indigenous peoples in Canada and throughout the world. Within the department, Indigenous and non-Indigenous students have the opportunity to learn and think about Indigenous knowledges in creative, transformative and critical ways. The department offers courses that engender a rigorous and respectful understanding of Indigenous peoples’ languages, knowledges, cultures, histories, politics, arts, intellectual traditions, and research methodologies.


Department Highlights

New Course Offering Fall 2023 - INDG/LING 3850A

New Topics Course - Fall 2023


Language, Culture, and Cognition (CRN30741)

How does language impact the way we think? How are our cultural ways of thinking reflected in in the way we speak? What role do metaphor and metonymy play in language and thought? This course addresses these questions within the framework of Cognitive and Cultural Linguistics.

Prerequisites: LING2300 and LING2600

Room C630 (University Hall)
Instructor: Dr. Conor Snoek

New Course Offering Fall 2023 - INDG 4850A

New Topics Course - Fall 2023

INDG 4850A

Indigenous Legal Traditions (CRN30746)

This course will provide an introduction to selected Indigenous legal traditions in Canada and globally, and the emerging field of Indigenous legal studies. As well, attention will be paid to examining Indigenous concepts of justice and restorative justice. Instructional methods will include lectures, discussion, storytelling, and ceremonial and land-based learning.

Prerequisites: INDG1000 and Third-year standing (60.0 credit hours)

Room D633 (University Hall)
Instructor: Tara Million

Our Shining Students | 2022/23 Academic Year

Our Shining Students are engaged inside and outside of the classroom. What makes a student shine may differ from person to person, but they all share a passion for learning. They may be top students or involved in an innovative project, or possibly they are participating in ground-­breaking research, playing Pronghorn athletics, fighting for social issues or all of the above!

When students find something they enjoy and combine it with what they are good at, they shine.

Join us in celebrating three Shining Students in the Department of Indigenous Studies:

It'samahka (Driving Along the Beach), Blair Many Fingers

Niihtaapookaa (Old Man River Child),Tatiana Weasel Moccasin

Siksiikakoan (Blackfootman), Shane McDougall

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Niihtaapookaa (Old Man River Child), Tatiana Weasel Moccasin's journey forward is inspired by the past

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