Department of Economics

Dr. Danny Leroy works on the economics of agricultural production, marketing and trade, the economics of biofuels and, emerging water markets. His research looks at factors affecting the economics and marketing of beef, cattle, dairy, milk, ethanol, biodiesel, grains, oilseeds and, effect of BSE. His expertise generally relates to farming, ranching, agriculture, water, policy impact and development, government, redistribution, production, marketing and, trade.

Dr. Kurt Klein is leading a national network to study the economics of bioproducts. Bioproducts, like bio-diesel and ethanol, offer hope to reduce dependence on harmful fossil fuels while diversifying rural economies.

Bioproducts are developed from agricultural, forestry and industrial products and wastes. Because of Canada’s extensive land and biomass resources, the Socio-Economic Research Network on Bioproducts thinks Canada can capitalize on growing international and domestic demand for "green" products.

“Since most of the bio-based products will be produced on the farm, moving towards a bio-based economy has all kinds of implications for farming communities, agricultural policies and rural lifestyles,” Klein says.

In 2003, Klein landed one of the biggest Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SHRC) grants in the U of L’s history – $650,000 – to study bioproducts. Klein has established a cross-country network of trade and agricultural economists to study bioproduct-based economies and trade partnerships.

Klein also leads the Economics, Policy and Risk theme of the Alberta Ingenuity Cantre for Water Research.

As a nationally respected agricultural economist, Klein’s research informs Canadian government policy and agriculture practices. He continues to study farm production, technological change, marketing and agriculture development, environmental issues and international trade.

Klein has written more than 350 professional papers, including peer reviewed articles, books, chapters, book reviews, and research reports. He is the recipient of the 2004 University of Lethbridge Ingrid Speaker Medal for Distinguished Research, Scholarship or Performance and he was made a Fellow of the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society in 2000.