Service Animals

The University of Lethbridge provides access to registered service dogs and guide dogs in accordance with legislation. Service dog teams are required to carry provincial government issued, International Guide Dog Federation or Assistance Dogs International identification. The Province of Alberta currently recognizes dogs as the only service animals eligible for assessment and registration and does not consider emotional support or comfort animals under this legislation.  The dog must also be trained to do work or perform specific tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability. To learn more about the Government of Alberta Legislation and current registration processes, please visit:

We are committed to ensuring the safety of all who attend or visit our campus including persons with disabilities and their service dogs.  We recognize how important service dogs are to their people and the investment required to train them to serve. Certified service dogs undergo rigorous training to complete tasks for their handler, such as navigating, alerting, carrying or assisting with mobility. In some cases, they may be trained to respond to conditions that may not be apparent. In order to do their job, service dogs must focus on their handlers so members of the campus community should avoid distracting a service dog.

We have several registered service dogs on campus.  To best support a student with a service dog, please:


  • Respect that the dog is working. Do not interact with the dog or ask to interact with the dog.  Do not feed, give commands or praise the dog.
  • Respect the handler’s privacy. Do not ask about disabilities or what tasks the dog performs on behalf of their person. Do not take pictures!
  • Make navigation and tasks easier by giving right of way at entrances or give up a seat if requested.
  • Recognize that an unaccompanied service dog likely has an owner in need of assistance.  In many cases, they are trained to seek help. Follow the dog back to their person, call Campus Safety at 403 329-2345 or dial 9-1-1 in an emergency.

If you have questions about animals in campus buildings, contact Campus Safety at 403 329-2345.

Students with Service Dogs are encouraged to register with Accessible Learning Centre by calling 403 329-2766.