Accessible Learning Centre: Guide for New Students 

Summer Sessions Registration (May - August):
  • Intake appointments are currently available.
Fall 2024 Registration:
  • Intake appointments are currently available. 

If you are a student of the University of Lethbridge and would like to register for disability supports, we encourage you to please contact us first at to inquire about the recommended documentation for the services and supports you are requesting.
The following steps will help you to prepare for your intake appointment: 
How to Register Step-by-Step Guide - PDF Version   

The ALC - Accessible Learning Centre provides specialized supports, services, technologies, and accommodations to students with documented permanent disabilities, chronic physical and/or mental health conditions. Documentation must be written by a qualified health care practitioner including a Physician, Psychologist, Psychiatrist or Medical Specialist. 

Documentation of Permanent Disability should include the following for the most comprehensive accommodation plan:

  • Diagnosis (including any DSM codes) and Prognosis
  • Severity and Frequency of symptoms
  • Impact to Academics ***
  • Recommendations for support (exam accommodations, in class supports, services and technologies)
  • This must be dated and signed by an appropriate health care practitioner on official letterhead or clinic stamp.

1. If you are interested in applying for grants and/or funded supports, the Government requires detailed documentation of disability.

2. If you are interested in registering for exam accommodations only, you may submit your High School IPP/IEP, or Physician's note for screening of eligibility.

3. If you do not have documentation available, you are welcome to provide our External Confirmation of Disability Form to your medical practitioner to complete, or to use as a reference when writing their own letter.
[This is a SAMPLE. Completion of this form is not required if you already have documentation].  



ALC Student Intake Form    
ALC Consent Form

  • Both forms contain two pages. If you are unable to use the fillable version, please print, complete, scan/take a legible photo of both pages separately.
  • For fillable version: Save a copy of the form to your desktop and rename document using your Last Name, First Name.
  • Forms MUST have signatures. If you are unable to sign electronically, please print the forms and sign manually. 
  • Please email "" with your inquiry, and to request the ALC Submission Form Link.  
  • Upload your documentation, Intake Form & Consent Form using the ALC Submission Form Link.
    This link is encrypted and provides more security for the transfer of personal information.
  • Your Uleth email address is required to use this Submission Form Link.
  • Please note:  We do not recommend submission of private and confidential disability or health related documentation via email as it is not a secure means of transmission. 
    *Please do not email, mail or fax any documents*

Once your documents have been submitted, they will be screened for eligibility of services.

Screened & Approved:

  • You will receive an email from our Services Coordinator inviting you to book a New Student Intake Appointment with our Learning Specialist.
  • Students can anticipate an appointment within two weeks provided they have documentation available.

​Screened & Insufficient:

  • You will receive an email from our Services Coordinator requesting updated documentation. 

Appointment discussion topics include:

  • Review of previous successful accommodations
  • Review recommendations from documentation
  • Discuss exam booking process if applicable
  • Discuss funding process if applicable


Registration and setup is a detailed process. Students can anticipate Letters of Accommodation to be emailed to instructors within two business days, once the ALC Policy Form is signed and submitted.

Please note: Students will not be able to access exam accommodations until after setup is complete. Same day or next day exam bookings will not be possible.

An Intake Appointment MUST be completed with the ALC prior to any accommodations being put in place. 

1. For Fall semester, it is best to book an appointment with us in July or August. For Spring semester it is best to book an appointment with us in November as:

  1. Student Loan program applications open
  2. Any tech/support can be arranged early in the academic year
  3. Further screening/referrals may be required

2. Prepare yourself for differences in support compared to high school:

  1. More independence
  2. More responsibility
  3. Less personal support time
  4. Increased demands/stressors
  5. Accommodations may differ from those provided at high school

3. If you are interested in applying for AB Disability funding:

  1. Your disability must be permanent, and a diagnosis must be provided
  2. Documentation must include frequency/severity of impact
  3. You must have already applied for AB Student Loans

4. Prior to attending our Centre, it can be beneficial to write a list of accommodations you previously received in order to discuss:

  1. What helped you
  2. What did not work well for you
  3. Other supports you would like to try
We are a friendly group who will work with you to create
academic accommodations that will help you to be successful. 
This can include referring you to other resources to make your experience at
the University of Lethbridge the best it can be.
We look forward to meeting you!