Meet the ALC Team!

Dawn Vickers (ALC Manager) - "As Manager, my role includes overseeing all operations of the ALC including staff, resources and funding.  I connect us to and collaborate with other services and faculties on campus to encourage equitable access and opportunities for our students with disabilities to achieve academic success.  This includes program and organizational development, advocacy and information sharing.   Additionally, I connect the ALC with resources in our local community so that our students can be referred to and access additional support.  If you would like to share your experiences, have feedback about the services you receive or have suggestions for us, please email me at   I always enjoy contact with our students."

Neermal Mohindee (Accounts Coordinator) - "Please contact me at for any funding related questions or if you need help with your student loan application.  I will manage your funding for the services or technologies that you require for the academic school year."

Megan Paul (Specialized Supports Coordinator) - "As the Specialized Support Coordinator, I am here to assist you with your accommodation needs. Primarily focusing on organizing specialized supports such as tutoring and alternate format textbooks. Students can also meet with me for technology training on their new software, such as Dragon Naturally Speaking and Kurzweil. I also meet with new students for intake into the Accessible Learning Centre, and registered students for learning strategies, funding applications, and general advising. If you have a question, please email me at, and I will do my best to assist, or refer you to the person who can answer your question best. We hope you have a great time at the University of Lethbridge!"

Jenny Selinger (Learning Specialist) - "I meet with new students to discuss the accommodations that will best support their learning and assist with applications for the Permanent Disability Grants if needed. If you have accommodation questions, are facing new challenges or need to expand your learning skills, please send me an email at to book an appointment with me."

Zainab Yekeen (Learning Specialist - Calgary Campus) - "I am your Accessible Learning Centre contact in Calgary. My role includes coordinating your accommodations and exams for Calgary based courses. If you require assistance with your accommodations or referrals to other campus supports and services, please reach out. For Calgary course exams, I can help with a refresher in booking and assist with rescheduling or cancelling your exams. I will have your booked exams ready for you on the day of your booking.  To provide you enough time and my undivided attention, it’s best to book an appointment (either in person or virtually) for accommodation conversations.  You can reach me by emailing or by calling 403 332-4078."

Svitlana Nevistyuk (Exam Coordinator) - "I am the first point of contact for registered ALC students for any exam related questions.  If you need assistance booking your exams through Clockwork, need to make any changes to an existing booking, or need to cancel a booked exam, please e-mail me at and I will help the best I can."

Christina Leitch (Services Coordinator) - "Welcome to The ALC - Accessible Learning Centre! As the Services Coordinator for the ALC I am often the first point of contact for students, Faculty, and visitors. If you are looking into registering for disability supports, please email me at and I will guide you through the registration process. Please visit our "New Students" tab, and navigate to the "How do I Register" webpage for more information".