Students Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights

  • Access: all students have access to University of Lethbridge programs and services.
  • Confidentiality: all diagnostic documentation about your disability remains confidential within the Accessible Learning Centre.
  • Advocacy: ALC team members are here to support you and your right to access, we do our best to assess each situation and circumstance and work with your faculty members to ensure equitable access.

Student Responsibilities

  • Pursue your studies with the same diligence required of all students and accept responsibility for your role in achieving program outcomes.
  • Identify your specific needs to the Accessible Learning Centre.
  • Be mindful of specific limitations when implementing some accommodations, some flexibility will be required.
  • Utilize your U of L email effectively as the ALC will contact you only through this email.
  • Provide relevant, corroborated, current medical, psycho-educational or psychological documentation to the ALC.
  • Each semester, complete the policy signing┬áto activate your accommodations, stay in contact with ALC team members on your needs and ensure you are not leaving matters so they can be addressed earlier rather than later.
  • If applicable, apply for funding for academic accommodation as soon as possible.