Welcome Registered Students!


Highlights for Returning Students:

Returning Students Page:  We have created this section just for you as a returning student.  This streamlines information as you are experienced with our services.  The "New Students" tab is also a great resource, and is a valuable refresher.  If you explore the tabs on the left, you will find information regarding Policy, Accommodations, Specialized Supports, Funding, and a Frequently Asked Questions section. 

Resources:  There is a “Resources” tab at the top of the page. This tab includes resources for Wellness Supports, Accessibility Features, Campus Support Links, Tools for Online Learning, and more!   

Forms: Visit our "Forms" section to update your demographic information, consent forms, etc. Our fillable “Forms” section allows you to type your information.  

Contacts: Meet the ALC team, and find which team member is best suited to assist your inquiry. Not sure? email alc@uleth.ca


Location of your exams:

The ALC has one main Exam Centre located in the Student Union Building, SU 063

This location includes all our private rooms and our distraction-controlled room.

All private rooms are numbered from 1 to 28, which will look like the example below (e.g., SU063-20) and all distraction-controlled spaces will be lettered (e.g., SU063-C).

To see the location of your exam, please log into Clockwork on the day of your exam and go under ‘My Upcoming Events’

*** Please note, during Final Exam Period due to high exam volumes we may have other classrooms/computer labs used as our exam locations. Those will be displayed under ‘Location’ and will be managed by the Exam Supervisors. Please go directly there.     



 Exam Booking Step by Step Manual : We recognize that sometimes when under pressure or late in the evening, you may forget the details of how to book those very important exams and the deadline is about to pass.  We have created an easy to follow manual with a lot of visuals that can be conveniently accessed remotely.


We look forward to seeing you soon and supporting your academic needs for the upcoming semester.