Chosen or Legal Name Change

Legal Name Change

Current and former students can request a change to their legal name on University documents. When you complete this form, send the form by email to or print the form and drop it off in-person at the Lethbridge Registrar’s Office (SU140) or the Calgary Campus Office (S6032). You’ll also need to supply official documentation of your legal name change to support your request. See the form for a list of official documentation options, and how to guarantee your official documentation if submitting this form by email.

Chosen First Name Update

Current students can request to have their chosen first name added to their student record. This allows a non-legal first name that you choose to be displayed in University systems such as email, Moodle, Zoom, and Office 365. Adding a chosen first name does not replace your legal first name on official University records and documents. To add your chosen first name, please complete the online form. To have your University email address changed to reflect your chosen name, please submit an Email Address Change Request via IT Services.