Horns Recreation July Newsletter

Fall Registration opens July 6 @ 7:00 am

What's Happening

  • First day of Fall 2022 Registration is July 6th @ 7:00 am
  • July 4 - First day of Horns Rec SUMMER CAMPS!!!
  • July 16 - 17 - Western Canada Nepalese Games
  • July 18 - 22 - RAW Sports Development Football Camp
  • July 25 - 29 - HIT Volleyball Camp
  • August 5 - 7 - Alberta Summer Swimming Regional Swim Meet

Hygiene Supplies Donation Drive for Alpha House

What is Alpha House?

Alpha House Society is a non-profit, charitable agency providing safe and caring environments for individuals whose lives are affected by alcohol and other substance dependencies. At the Lethbridge location, they operate a 24/7 emergency shelter that provides immediate shelter, basic needs, showers, laundry.

Shelters are congregate settings constructed for durability. When individuals are entering the shelter, their belongings are 'checked in', labeled and stored in a locked room. There are minimal amounts of materials inside shelters (no bedding, no pillows) because the space must be easily cleanable due to the frequent client turnover, and the entre space must be easily visible to floor staff to ensure everyone's safety.

The Shelter also provides referrals to other programs and services, and Alpha House also operates a Stabilization Centre; a residential program for individuals to safely withdrawal from addictive substances.

Why Should I Care?

It is significantly more economical to house individuals than it is to fund emergency shelters or warming centers. High acuity individuals on the street are some of the most frequent users of public services (hospitals, paramedics, police, and shelters).

A decade or more of research shows that when individuals are stably housed the number of interactions with public systems decreases significantly, saving money on healthcare, law enforcement, criminals justice and other public systems in the community.

The individuals who utilize Alpha House are diverse, talented, compassionate people. They have skills, and goals and pet peeves. They have family members and friends just like everyone else. It is not "bad choices" that lead to homelessness. Nobody wants to be homeless. The reality is that no matter how someone become homeless, getting back to stability is difficult even with supports.

What Can I Do To Help?

DONATE - You can take part in the Horns Recreation Hygiene Supplies drive, or donate clothes, shoes and bags to Streets Alive Mission for individuals to use.

Write to your councilors and tell them you support affordable and supportive housing in your community.

For other ways to help visit: https://alphahousecalgary.com/how-you-can-help



  • SOAP

If you have any questions about donations, please direct your questions to the Customer Service Desk.

Testimonials from the Herd

I used to be intimidated by the Fitness Centre, but the friendliness of the staff, and their willingness to help, has made it a great experience for a beginner. -Tate V.

Meet our Staff

Bill Halma

Director, Horns Recreation

What is your favorite quote?

"Get off my lawn!"

If you could have the answer to any question, what would it be?

"What is beyond our galaxy and does other life exist?"

What is your favourite activity to do in your free time?  

"It used to be officiating basketball, did it for 25 years…would still like to if I could!"

What is your favourite form of exercise?

"Walking…I really enjoy the coulees around Lethbridge & when in Banff, I always walk up Tunnel Mtn and walk to the Banff Springs Hotel."

Takeo Uyesugi

Customer Service Staff

How would you react if you were transformed into a fish? 

"I would likely be super stressed of being eaten, but if I did end up being eaten, then I hope I am at least consumed raw and that I am delicious because sushi is the bomb."

What is your favourite form of exercise? 

"I love soccer with all my heart, especially futsal!"

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpower to be? 

"I would love to be able to teleport. I could teleport to Europe, soccer practice, work. The amount of money I would save on gas…yeah, amazing."

Diogo Dias

General Maintenance Worker

What is one of your favorite quotes? 

"To live and don’t be ashamed to be happy. Life is beautiful (Gonzaguinha)"

What songs are included on the soundtrack to your life?

  • O que é, o que é – Gonzaguinha
  • Happy - Pharrell Williams
  • Everything I do, I do it for you – Bryan Adams
  • My way – Frank Sinatra
  • Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars
  • Ave Maria (Schubert) - Luciano Pavarotti
  • I’ll never not love you - Michael Bublé
  • I Can See Clearly Now - Jimmy Cliff

What is your favorite form of exercise?


Lucas Vanden Dungen

Fitness Centre Attendant

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpower to be? 

"I would say that I would want my superpower to be flying...that would be amazing. Flying is super cool."

What is your favourite activity to do in your free time?  

"I like playing sports like soccer, disc golf and spikeball in my free time "

What is your favourite form of exercise?

"My favourite form of exercise would have to be weightlifting!"