Exam Accommodations

ALC Testing Services

The Accommodated Learning Centre has four full service testing centres that are designed to meet the needs of students who encounter barriers while writing exams. The ALC can make alterations that will provide a more accessible environment. These accommodations are intended to level the playing field and give you a fair opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned. Exam accommodations are individualized supports that must be supported by your documentation.

Common Exam Accommodations

  • Separate and Private Location (Limited).
  • Distraction Controlled Location.
  • Word Processor.
  • Audio Formatting or Kurzweil (text-to-speech software).
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking (speech-to-text software).
  • Extra time.
  • Breaks allowed.

Separate and Private Location. Distraction Controlled Location. What’s the Difference?

Our separate and private locations for exams, are an enclosed room within two of our testing centres. Each room has a computer with assistive technologies, as well as lots of desk space for written exams. These rooms are equipped with a window in the door, and a mirror in the room to ensure academic integrity and for ease of supervision of exams. Our centre has 19 separate and private testing rooms. This accommodation is for students that require technologies that are located within our testing rooms, and may cause distraction for others. Additionally, students that require a private location without distraction due to their condition and have supporting documentation, would be provided with this accommodation. Please note, that even with this accommodation, we may not always be able to provide a separate and private location due to space constraints. In these cases, students may have to write in a distraction controlled location, but will receive all other exam accommodations.

Our distraction controlled locations are usually classrooms, or computer labs within the university. Typically students will experience a smaller group of students than they would in the University Testing Centre, or in the classroom. Another added bonus is that the other students are often not writing the same exam. For a lot of students, this relieves some anxiety in regards to people leaving early. Our distraction controlled locations are supplied with ear plugs, and students are spaced out throughout the room. This accommodation is provided to students that require less distraction, but do not necessarily require a private room.

Booking Exams

ALC students have the convenience of booking and tracking all exams via the CLOCKWORK interface. This software makes booking a breeze and allows the student to stay on top of their schedule. There is a seven day booking requirement due to limited space so it is important that students book all their exams well in advance.

  • Please review the ClockWork Exam Booking Manual 

Exam Room Locations:

  • B760: the rooms within the ALC Main Office. You will check in at our main reception desk. 
    University Hall, Level 7, Section B.
  • B770: the rooms within the main Testing Centre. You will check in at the little desk on the right. 
    University Hall, Level 7, Section B.
  • SU063: this exam room is located in the basement of the Student Union Building. You will check in at the desk upon entering. This is a spacious distraction controlled environment with individual carrels, sound baffling, and dividers. 
  • SU065: this exam room is located in the basement of the Student Union Building. You will check in at the desk upon entering. 

To see the location of your exam, please log into Clockwork on the day of your exam and go under ‘My Upcoming Events’ to see the location of your exam.


My Upcoming Events Location

* There is no need to check in the main office, unless you are writing in B760.     

Please note: High volume months such as December and April impose challenges to the ALC; it is important that students register with the ALC ahead of time and book their exams sooner than later.