Course Registration

How to Register for Courses

Nursing students will be registered in their NURS courses on the first day that registration opens.

a. The first thing you’ll need to do is look up when registration opens for you:

• Use your username and password to log in to the Bridge (
• Click ‘Student’
• Click 'Registration'
• Click ‘Registration Status’
• Select the appropriate term

b. When registration is open for you, you may need to add elective courses to your schedule:

• Use your username and password to log in to the Bridge (
• Click ‘Student'
• Click ‘Registration’
• Click ‘Look Up Classes'
• Select the appropriate term from the drop-down menu
• Click ‘Submit’

The courses in which you have successfully registered will display in your ‘Student Detail Schedule’.

You are encouraged to register on the first day of your registration period since the sooner you register, the better your selection of electives will be.

Choosing electives (four-year B.N. students only)

To view a listing of all U of L courses available with their details (days, times, rooms, instructors), please log into the Bridge ( and use the Look Up Classes feature.

Course descriptions can be found here:

Nursing students need to complete 4 electives for the BN program (please refer to the Program Planning Guide provided at time of admission for reference):

• 2 Fine Arts and Humanities electives
• 1 Social Science elective
• 1 Health Sciences/Public Health/Addictions Counselling elective

Nursing students typically take one elective in the second semester of their third year and another during the first semester of their fourth year. Fast-tracking students, please refer to the section below.

Registering for Nursing 4750 Senior Clinical Consolidation

In your final semester, you can register in any available NURS 4750 section when registration opens. Students’ registration will be adjusted later once sites and supervisors have been confirmed.

Fast-Track Year 3 Spring (January) Registration (four-year B.N. students only)

If you are Fast-Tracking, keep in mind that you will not be able to register in your three assigned nursing courses and two electives during your initial registration period. This is due to the 15.0 credit hour limit assigned during the initial registration period which is increased to 18.0 on the first day of classes.

To accommodate for this, when registration opens for you, Fast-Track students will need to drop NURS 3135, then register for the two elective courses (if needed) and leave your remaining two nursing courses (NURS 4510/4520/4530 and NURS 3020/3125/3230). Once your elective registration has been completed, to add yourself back into the extra course (NURS 3135) you will need to email to request this addition. Keep in mind this only applies to Fast Track students who still require completion of 2 electives at that time. Please refer to your Program Planning Guide provided at time of admission to determine what electives you have remaining.