Independent Study

An Independent Study is a course for which credit is earned through individual study under the supervision of an instructor.

If you wish to do an Independent Study and already have a particular area of interest in mind, you should contact an instructor who also has interest and expertise in that field (please read the Independent Study Policies document prior to approaching a supervisor). Together, you and your instructor (who will become the Independent Study supervisor) will devise a set of course requirements on which you will be graded. The course requirements may vary depending on the nature of your proposed topic.

You can download the Independent Study form on the Registrar's Office website: here. This form will need to be completed by you and your supervisor and then, along with the completed Learning Plan (see the Independent Study Policies document), returned to your Academic Advisor for approval. It is recommended that you submit the documents at least two weeks prior to the start of the term.

Click here to download the Learning Plan template.


Contact an Academic Advisor.