Bachelor of Nursing

Practice based experiences in hospitals, community health organizations, and home care agencies allows students to apply skills and knowledge to real world situations.

The four-year Bachelor of Nursing program is a collaboration between Lethbridge College and the University of Lethbridge. Students spend their first two years at LC and their last two years at the U of L. Upon completion, graduates will be eligible to write the Canadian licensure exam to become a Registered Nurse (RN). 

The application for the “BN or BNAD” program will reopen again on September 1st, 2021 for the next intake for Fall 2022.

The Bachelor of Nursing program only has a Fall (September intake). The deadline to apply for admission is March 1.

Admission Decision Documents must be received by April 1, and Final Documents by June 15 (post-secondary) or August 15 (high school). See the Application and Document Deadlines Chart.

Competitive Admission
Applicants will be ranked using the average of grades in the five courses listed above (Health Care Experience applicants will be ranked based on the average of five courses along with relevant work experience as outlined in the resume, letter of intent, and reference letter from employer). 
* Post-Secondary applicants must have a minimum of six transferable courses with a minimum GPA of 2.00. Applicants who have completed fewer than six transferable courses must have a minimum GPA of 2.00 and a 65% high school average.

Individuals who do not have the necessary high school courses for admission may wish to apply to the Nursing Preparation Program that will provide access to courses that can be used for admission towards the B.N. program as well as courses that will count towards the B.N. program, if admitted.

High School Course Equivalents
To see which High School courses from outside of Alberta can be used for General Admission visit: High School Admission Route

Spoken English Language Proficiency Requirement

In addition to the English Language Proficiency requirement for regular University of Lethbridge undergraduate admission, applicants to the Faculty of Health Sciences must also meet a Spoken English Language Proficiency (SELP) requirement. More information on the SELP can be found here.

International Documents
International applicants are strongly advised to have all prerequisite courses completed by the application deadline of March 1. Interim/unofficial documents, including English Language Proficiency and Spoken English Language Proficiency requirements, must be received by April 1, and all final documents must be received by June 15.

Spoken English Language Proficiency Requirement
All applicants must meet the Faculty of Health Sciences Spoken English Language Proficiency requirement.

International Centre for Students
The International Centre for Students is committed to assisting international students in meeting their academic and personal goals, as well as fostering cross-cultural understanding and learning among students, staff, and faculty in the University and in the surrounding community. Please contact the International Centre for Students for more information on their programs and services that can assist you in your transition to the University of Lethbridge!

The Faculty of Health Sciences demonstrates its commitment to Aboriginal peoples and communities by offering admission to First Nations, Métis, and Inuit applicants. This is to ensure that we are:

  • following the University of Lethbridge’s fundamental principles and key strategic priorities to ensure that our programs meet the needs of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities
  • addressing Call to Action #7 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada to eliminate educational and employment gaps between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians

Applicants who have declared their Aboriginal ancestry at the time of application may be considered by criteria designed to help address the traditional underrepresentation of Aboriginal people in health professions. For more information, contact an Academic Advisor.

Due to the collaborative nature of the Bachelor of Nursing program, students pay tuition and fees to Lethbridge College for the first two years of the program, and to the University of Lethbridge for the final two years. Refer to the tuition and fee information at both Lethbridge College and the University of Lethbridge. Actual tuition and fee amounts will be reflected at time of registration.

A course sequencing plan with University of Lethbridge credit hours is below:

Year 1, Fall (Lethbridge College)
Nursing 1400
Nursing 1410
Nursing 1420
Biology 1160
English 1150
(See LC website for fees)

Year 1, Winter (Lethbridge College)
Nursing 1500
Nursing 1521
Nursing 1522
Biology 1161
Psychology 1160
(See LC website for fees)

Year 2, Fall (Lethbridge College)
Nursing 2300
Nursing 2321
Nursing 2322
One of: Humanities 1155 or
Sociology 1160
(See LC website for fees)

Year 2, Winter (Lethbridge College)
Nursing 2421
Nursing 2422
Social Science Elective
One of: Humanities 1155 or
Sociology 1160
(See LC website for fees)

Year 3, Fall (UofL)
Nursing 3021 or 3121 (3 credit hours)
Nursing 3022 or 3122 (6 credit hours)
Nursing 3100 or 3200 (3 credit hours)
Health Sciences 3450 (3 credit hours)
(See U of L website for fees)

Year 3, Spring (UofL)
Nursing 3021 or 3121 (3 credit hours)
Nursing 3022 or 3122 (6 credit hours)
Nursing 3100 or 3200 (3 credit hours)
“One of” list course (3 credit hours)
(See U of L website for fees)

Year 4, Fall (UofL)
Nursing 3121 or Nursing 3321 (3 credit hours)
Nursing 3122 or Nursing 3322 (6 credit hours)
Nursing 3200 or Nursing 3300 (3 credit hours)
Health Sciences 3560 (3 credit hours)
(See U of L website for fees)

Year 4, Spring (UofL)
Nursing 4922 (15 credit hours)
(See U of L website for fees)



• Blue nursing scrubs
• Stethoscope
• Blood pressure cuff
• Pen lights

All items are available at the Lethbridge College Bookstore, as well as other vendors within the community.

Students are considered full-time at Lethbridge College for the first two years and full-time at the U of L for all remaining semesters.

Questions regarding student loans can be directed to Lethbridge College's Student Awards and Financial Aid and/or the Scholarships & Student Finance Office at the University of Lethbridge.


The BN program is collaborative with the first two years completed at Lethbridge College and the final two years completed at the University of Lethbridge. Students may want to explore residence options for the appropriate institution at the links above.

Find out more about our nursing instructors here.

The Simulation Health Centre is available to support student learning and ongoing clinical practice development. Read more here!

Refer to the Program Planning Guide for a list of courses required in the B.N. program and the course sequencing plan: Program Planning Guide

Read more details on Bachelor of Nursing course registration here.