Kairvee Bhatt

Kairvee Bhatt (care-vee, bat) is an engaged Human Resources and Labour Relations, cooperative
education student, with a passion for engagement, philanthropy, and advocacy. She has
experience in both for and non- profit sectors, in various industries ranging from: healthcare,
banking, and finance, higher- education, entrepreneurship, manufacturing and production,
energy, technology, and more.
Kairvee began her tenure at the University of Lethbridge by being elected as the premier First-
Year Representative for the University of Lethbridge Students Union (ULSU). This experience
empowered her to seek and create opportunities for personal and professional development.
While there are too many to note, one of her favourite experiences on campus was the experience
of working with a team of students and networks across Southern Alberta, to help start Enactus
at the University of Lethbridge. Enactus is an international social entrepreneurship organization
with a network of over 70,000 students annually, that facilitates the United Nations Sustainable
Development Goals through community- based outreach projects.

Her hobbies include photography, spending time with her friends, and volunteering in her
community. Kairvee enjoys going on walks in the coulees with her family dog, Mayo (yes, like
Mayonnaise), cooking and entertaining, and connecting with folks in her community.
Kairvee measures success through impact and aims to make a positive difference in all things she
is involved in. She aims to use her platform and voice as President of the ULSU to encourage
and uplift students' participation in their communities.