Dr. Van E. Christou (1975-1979)

Van Christou was the third Chancellor of the University of Lethbridge, a member of the first Board of Governors, and a continuing contributor to the values for which the University stands. Born in Lethbridge in 1926, Dr. Christou attended local schools and graduated from the University of Alberta with a D.D.Sc. degree, and from the University of Rochester with a degree in Orthodontics.

Dr. Christou has had a major influence on cultural and educational life in Lethbridge for many yaers. He was foremost among spokesmen for the establishment of a university in Lethbridge in the early 1960's, conducted a campaign to establish a library fund for the Lethbridge Junior College, and was chairman of the educational committee of the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce, president of the Southern Alberta Art Gallery Association, and a member of the Lethbridge YMCA Board of Directors at the time the decision was made to construct a new facility. He has made many other contributions to the common good, ranging from beautification of downtown Lethbridge and the crafting of artistic works to enhance the aesthetic features of the University, to active participation in national politics.

As a member of the Board of Governors, and later as Chancellor, Dr. Christou displayed exemplary dedication to advancing the goals of the University of Lethbrige in the local community and across Canada. There is no question that the enviable reputation that the University has so rapidly earned, for excellence in its key programs, is in large measure due to the perseverance of Dr. Christou in establishing high standards anda rranging for their support.

Dr. Christou is an active participant in University affairs and maintains his strong support for the University as an integral part of the Lethbridge community.
--Honoary Degree citation, Spring 1984 Convocation