Cyndi Bester

Cynthia (Cyndi) Bester is a double alumnus of the University of Lethbridge. She holds a Bachelor of Music, Master of Education, Post Graduate Certification in Executive Coaching and has completed Leadership Certification through the Napoleon Hill Foundation at Purdue University. 

Her professional business career began under the direction of her entrepreneurial parents. Cyndi focused in healthcare with the company We Care Health Services, specializing in palliative care, for 20 years, serving as the CEO for 10 years. She sold the company when she was 39 and soon to follow the opportunity came to head the final company under the family umbrella; where she serves as the managing partner of Lethbridge Vehicle Licensing & Registry. 

From an early age, Cyndi was taught the value of being a member of the Chamber of Commerce and the importance of advocating for business. In early 2019, she became the CEO of the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce where she has recently led policy on such topics as The Economics of Addiction, Digital Broadband as the Key to Economic Prosperity and Creating an Effective Workforce for the Changing Economy which all received Federal recognition.

Cyndi has had the opportunity to perform as a solo concert pianist in Canada, England, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the United States. She is also very active in the fitness community and competes nationally.  Cyndi has a passion for sharing stories and has been a contributing author with the titles of The Fine Art of Parenting After Separation: The Power of a Positive Mental Attitude, The Girl in the Red Bikini, Johnny B and Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and Bartok: Lessons from the Big Four. All four of these publications reached best seller status.

Cyndi believes in giving back to her community and has received national recognition for her philanthropic efforts. She currently sits on the University of Lethbridge Senate, the Board of Directors for Economic Development Lethbridge, the Reconciliation Lethbridge Advisory Committee and the Community Wellbeing & Safety Strategy Advisory Committee.