Catherine Drenth - Non-Academic Staff

Catherine Drenth is the administrative assistant of the Physics and Astronomy Department and acting in the administrative assistant role in Biology and Science Operations.  Originally from Toronto, she has lived in Ottawa, Ajax, Burlington, and Sault Ste. Marie, Ontairo before moving to Lethbridge 10 years ago with her family.  Catherine attended Carlton University enrolled in Geography , as well as Seneca College for Nursing before moving into the insurance industry.  She spent many years in the insurance business before leaving to become a stay-at-home mom for her two children.

In recent years Catherine has worked for the Government of Alberta in Child and Family Services before moving to the University of Lethbridge in Accommodated Learning, and then onto her current role.  Within the UofL community, she has spent time attending sporting events and is interested in science and the whole learning environment, including Physics & Astronomy undergraduate and graduate students.  Catherine is an active participant in the annual Convocation ceremonies, and regularly attends the public speaking and sporting events.  Catherine is a big believer in the environment and plays an active role in the coulee clean-up organized by the University, as well as the City of Lethbridge.