Leanne Elias

Leanne Elias

New Media
Chair - New Media Department, Professor


Visual Communications, Information Design, Data Visualization/Physicalization


W880 |  403-317-2847

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Leanne’s interests lie in finding relationships: either in people, data or ideas. Her background in art and design have led her to projects such as NewMediaIntersections, an exploration of interdisciplinary artistic work, Ecotone, a collaboration with ranchers, scientists and artists, and the The Resilient City Project. Leanne is a lead researcher in Fine Arts Data Physicalization Lab at the University of  Lethbridge, where students work very closely with scientists from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to design interactions, artworks and sonic experiences from datasets. Leanne was a co-curator of Visualizing Agriculture, an art/science exhibition at the  Southern Alberta Art Gallery in February 2018.

Her personal work resides in photo visualizations such as solagraphy.


Leanne Elias image: 6 months of sun at timber ridge

Image: 6 Months of Sun at Timber Ridge.