Student Wellness Ambassador Program S.W.A.P

SWAP2023 Four students sitting on the grass
“Our mission is to provide peer support and encourage
the well-being of our student body."
A program designed for students, by students


Our Mission:
The mission of the S. W. A.P Program is to provide students with peer support and encourage the well-being of our student body. Uniquely designed by students for students, the program hosts various social and well-being focused activities, connecting students and promoting student health. Aimed to empower our diverse campus, the S. W. A.P team is committed to advocating for the mental health of all our students. Because it takes a village… to get through university semester.
What is S.W.A.P ? 
The U of L Student Wellness Ambassadors are trained peer listeners who are responsible for planning and hosting regular outreach events for students throughout the academic year. The aim of SWAP is to promote student connection and wellness so that that students can flourish! 
  • Peers can normalize experiences, help students feel less alone, and provide hope and tangible strategies
  • Prevention – not everyone needs or wants professional counselling support
  • Help identify students in distress
Please look out for the SWAP team and start up a conversation today!



Chat and Chew Poster. Details: Nov 6 and Dec 4. 1-2:30 p.m. Location: M1048



SWAP Movie Night