Student Wellness Ambassador Program S.W.A.P

Student Wellness Ambassadors Program


“Our mission is to provide peer support and encourage the well-being
of our student body." 
A program designed for students, by students


Our Mission :

The mission of the S. W. A.P Program is to provide students with peer support and encourage the well-being of our student body. Uniquely designed by students for students, the program hosts various social and well-being focused activities, connecting students and promoting student health. Aimed to empower our diverse campus, the S. W. A.P team is committed to advocating for the mental health of all our students. Because it takes a village… to get through university semester.


What Is S.W.A.P ? 

The U of L Student Wellness Ambassadors are trained peer listeners who are responsible for planning and hosting regular outreach events for students throughout the academic year. The aim of SWAP is to promote student connection and wellness so that that students can flourish! 

•Peers can normalize experiences, help students feel less alone, and provide hope and tangible strategies

•Prevention – not everyone needs or wants professional counselling support

•Help identify students in distress


Please look out for the SWAP team and start up a converstion today!


S.W.A.P | Spring 2022 Activities

S.W.A.P will be offering resources and support for all U of L students. 

Check my U of L My Experience platform for all upcoming events and meetings.

Peer Support Group

Who? This peer support group is for any student who feels they would benefit from connecting with other students in a safe and supportive environment.

What? This ongoing session is hosted by the Student Wellness Ambassadors, who are trained peer listeners. This will be an open space for students to share their needs and concerns, whether they be personal, academic or career related. Some sessions may be structured around certain topics such a stress management, wellness, and academic success. Peers can offer each other a lot of support, guidance, and normalization. Please note: this is not a professional group counselling session.

Where? In the Counselling Services group room, Anderson Hall 153.

Why? To create an opportunity for students to connect, learn, and grow from their peers. 

How? Students are required to register to attend. You can attend weekly or whenever it works with your schedule. You are not required to attend all sessions or stay the entire 1.5 hours.

Want more information?  Email us:

Upcoming Outreach events

Spring 2022 Events

For event lists, check out U of L My Experience or email: to register!

January 26: Bell Let's Talk (Possible Instagram Interactive Event) 

  • Details for this event are still being discussed due to the University's recent decision to extend the online learning period

February 28: Free Online Umami Cooking Class

  • This event includes a dish that will serve two people
  • Held on zoom 
  • You can register on the MyExperince portal 
  • Limited number of participants (30) 

March 28: Free Laser Tag/Nerf Battle Event 

  • You can register on the MyExperince portal 
  • Held at the Colosseum 
  • 24 laser tag spots; 20 nerf battle spots

Email: to register or get more information!

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Did you know that the demand for counselling services on campus has grown by 28% over the course of the pandemic? Across the board, students are feeling more isolated, stressed, lonely and disconnected than ever before. The student wellness ambassador program (SWAP) helps combat these effects, giving students access to peer-to-peer support on and off campus. 

Led by Student Services, SWAP develops peer connections and promotes wellness from a student perspective, helping overcome the stigma associated with mental illness. 

Your gift, big or small, will show our students how much we care and that we're here to help them succeed.