The University recognizes that international travel plays an important role in business, research and academics. International programs also provide global opportunities to gain diverse cross-cultural experiences which can strengthen conceptual, analytical, linguistic and cross-cultural skills.

Covid-19 Travel Advisory

October 21, 2021 from Government of Canada:

Since March of 2020 all non-essential travel was the long standing travel rating on the Government of Canada webpage (travel advisories). The Non-essential travel rating is replaced with Covid-19 Travel Advice.

October 28, 2021 from the University:

All university level travel restrictions for local, national and international travel have been lifted and faculty and staff are no longer required to gain pre-approval for travel to conferences, or for business or research.

Information and instructions for travelling faculty and staff can be found on the International Travel Policy site. Staff and faculty are reminded that the pandemic is still an ongoing concern and those who do travel must adhere to all applicable provincial and federal travel and health regulations and requirements, including those in the destination country and the countries through which  transit occurs. Refer to the Government of Canada website for travel advice and advisories.

If you are abroad and require immediate travel assitance, please contact International SOS 

If you require the University SOS membership number, please contact Security Services at or 1-403-329-2345 or log in securly to the Sharepoint HUB for travel risk where the number may be found.

Postcards from all around the world

The International Travel Policy sets out standards to ensure safer experiences for University of Lethbridge students who travel internationally as part of a university program or activity.

The policy and procedures assist in managing the risks associated with university sanctioned international travel programs and activities, and provide consistent processes to undertake: Authorization of student travel abroad for university activities or programs; Risk assessment of travel locations, regions and/or countries students will travel to; Centralized and accessible risk management resources to enable university student travelers to be informed of and manage the risks associated with travelling abroad.

This policy applies to any University of Lethbridge student traveling outside of Canada in connection with a university activity.

University of Lethbridge students traveling abroad in conjunction with University sponsorship- activities supported or funded by U of L or that involve academic work for credit, are required to complete the on-line Moodle course (Risk Training for Travelling Abroad-Students).

For those students traveling to moderate to higher risk (medical and/or security) and avoid all travel areas, an additional in person assessment and orientation is required. Contact Campus Safety, department of Insurance & Risk by emailing as applicable.

For all other areas of travel, the Moodle course orientates students to U of L policy and procedures,  to the U of L International SOS membership, and provides resources and steps to take to protect health, safety and security while abroad.
Students may self enroll in the Moodle course as follows:

1. Register on the University's long term server by logging in with U of L credentials and

2. Self enroll in the "International Travel Risk Orientation - Students" Moodle course


By the University's student travel policy, students participating in a university activity outside of Canada are required to register their travel with the University through the Campus Safety, Travel Abroad Registry prior to departure.


Registration of Canadians Abroad is also a requirement in university policy for University Students when they travel abroad on University related activities. This is a free service hosted and controlled by the Government of Canada that notifies travelers in the event of an emergency abroad or a personal emergency at home. The service also enables travelers to receive important information before or during a natural disaster or civil unrest.

Register on the Government of Canada Travel Registration

If citizenship is not Canadian, please refer to country of origin travel pages for available services.

International SOS services and support is intended for use as required by all student, staff and faculty travelers.

Stay Healthy, Safe and Secure while abroad on University business and contact International SOS when you need:

  • Health and safety advice – at any time
  • Help with doctor appointments or hospital admission
  • Supplies of medication or equipment
  • Travel advice or help with replacing lost travel documents
  • Help finding a local security provider
  • Are going to a high risk location and are concerned about your safety

Program Summary:

For a summary of the International SOS Program take a few minutes to watch their short video

"If you could bottle help"

University Traveler Assistance App:

The International SOS assistance center provides up to date travel security analysis, medical information and 24-7 assistance in the palm of your hands.

First, obtain the University of Lethbridge's membership number from the Travel Risk Orientation (Moodle Course), and then download the International SOS Assistance app from your device's App Store.

International SOS Web Portal & Login:

For instant access to the latest medical and security alerts from International SOS and Control Risks and to Travel Security Online and Medical Country Guides visit International SOS and log in using the U of L membership number obtained through the Travel Risk Orientation (Moodle Course).


The below checklist highlights important details to remember when preparing for a trip abroad in relation to University of Lethbridge business and sanctioned activities. Each traveller is unique and should carefully evaluate their personal circumstances in relation to their destination. The Checklist is intended to guide individuals as they conduct an assessment of their personal risks, but does not guarantee an entire list of all matters that may require attention prior to, during and after travel. Please contact Campus Safety - Insurance and Risk at for further assistance as needed.

Student Safety abroad:UofL Student Traveler's Checklist- Current.docx