The University purchases insurance as a risk financing tool to protect against catastrophic loss to its physical, financial and other assets and exposures unique to the academic, research and operational activities of the institution.

Questions related to coverage should be directed to

To submit a claim please follow the instructions below.

Staff queries related to insurance coverage, claims and certificates of insurance are directed to the staff hub.

Insurance Policy Document

Guidelines for making a notice of claim to the University of Lethbridge:

  • Document injury and/or damage (i.e. photos, repair estimates, invoices, police reports) and keep any damaged property involved in the claim
  • Contact your insurance provider as you may have coverage for your loss
  • Submit a claim to the University with the Claim Information and Notice of Claim Form.pdf

Once the claim form is complete please either:

           University of Lethbridge
           Campus Safety, Insurance & Risk
           4401 University Drive W
           Lethbridge, AB T1K 3M4

In concert with the University’s Legal office, the department of Campus Safety - Insurance & Risk Services reviews the insurance requirements, hold harmless and indemnification provisions contained in any contract, lease or waiver document. Indemnification refers to one party agreeing to fully reimburse the other party for claims, costs or damages arising from the terms of the contract. Scrutiny of contracts and agreements is important to ensure that the University is not attracting unacceptable risk. Please note that all contracts must first be referred to the University’s legal office in accordance with the University’s Legal Agreement and Contract Review Process.


A Certificate of Insurance provides evidence of insurance that a party carries. It provides proof that coverage in force complies with the requirements of the requesting party. Proof of Insurance may be required by the University from off-campus organizations such as vendors, consultants, contractors, subcontractors, service providers, tenants, external parties hosting conferences and other events are required to provide proof of insurance to demonstrate compliance with the insurance requirements specified in contracts or agreements. Individuals or groups that seek to use University facilities or premises for their own activities that are not sanctioned or sponsored by the University, are also required to provide proof of insurance which demonstrates compliance with the insurance requirements specified in contracts or agreements. These activities include but are not limited to: various social, cultural and intellectual activities such as lectures, sports activities, field rentals, conferences, films, shows, seminars, workshops, trade shows and meetings.

When employees are asked to provide evidence of insurance for third parties please visit the Insurance and Risk Services intranet site for more information on how to procure a certificate of insurance.

Do I Qualify for (AB) WCB Coverage

In accordance with Alberta Worker's Compensation Act, the below flowchart outlines the criteria for WCB Coverage in relation to Post Secondary Education students on a practicum placement at a work site. The following link will open a chart and display information in order that a particular scenario may be navigated and to further aid in determining if coverage is available or not:

Practicum Student WCB Coverage_final.pdf

If a WCB deeming order is required, consultation with the Faculty overseeing the practicum and Department of Wellness and Recognition is necessary. Wellness & Recognition oversees and manages Student and Faculty requests for deeming orders and also is the point department for WCB claim management.

Distant Learners

A. Students registered at the University and taking courses where practicum is required and are placed with an employer outside of Alberta may be covered by WCB if Section 28 of the Alberta Workers Compensation Act are met:

  1. Student is a resident of Alberta
  2. Student is attending the institution
  3. Course is a recognized program
  4. Practicum is required as part of the course
  5. Period of time is less than 12 continuous months
  6. Confirmation the province or country where going will accept the extension of coverage

B. Non-Alberta resident students who are registered at the University and taking courses where practicum is required and are placed with an employer outside of Alberta are not covered by AB WCB program as criteria listed in Section 28 of the Alberta Workers Compensation Act are not satisfied.

The University does not purchase worker's compensation coverage for distant learners and students are responsible to locate a practicum site that will agree to:

  1. Accept the student without worker's compensation coverage in order to complete the practical component of the educational program or
  2. Will agree to cover the student during the practicum at their expense and risk in order for the student to complete the educational practicum components required for the program, and/or
  3. Agrees to accept the student with proof of medical, dental and accidental death and dismemberment coverage.

C. The University participates in a Student Accident & Injury Coverage program for the benefit of registered distant learners who do not qualify for AB, WCB coverage. Questions relating to policy terms and exclusions should be directed to the Faculty the student is completing the practicum under and then if further discussion is warranted please contact the department of Campus Safety, Insurance & Risk at: or 403-329-2099.

D. Students are additionally required to retain their own Health, Medical and dental insurance plan. Students registered PTE/FTE are automatically enrolled in the ULSU Student plan, unless proof of alternate coverage is provided to the plan administrator and student has opted out of student plan.