Behavioural Intervention Report


For emergencies that need immediate attention you should contact 911 and then Security on 403 329 2345 or 2345 from an internal phone.
The Behavioural Intervention Committee was developed by the University of Lethbridge to respond to the early detection of and intervention of worrisome or potentially harmful behaviour and prevent campus violence. 

The Behavioural Intervention Committee provides a centralized point to which concerned members of the university community can report instances of worrisome or potentially harmful behaviour, to a multidisciplinary assessment team who are trained in threat assessment procedures and best practices for behavioural intervention strategies.

You may file a report anonymously; however, it usually impedes the information gathering process and hinders the effectiveness of the team.  Alternatively you may report your concerns in person or via telephone to Security Services.  Security Services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Background Information
Involved Parties
Reason(s) For Report