Make A Report


This is your link to the on-line reporting portal for security related matters. Making a report using this portal will automatically generate a procedure that will inform Security Representatives how best to respond to your needs or complaint. This reporting platFORM has been designed to mirror the effort required to send an email.

You should use this reporting method for non-emergency and non-urgent matters ONLY. If you need immediate assistance, call 911 or extension 2345 [(403) 329-2345] from any U of L phone and you will be connected directly to a Security Services Representative. Refer to the "Home" page or the uLethbridge Safe mobile app for the other contact or reporting options.

You should use this reporting option for non-life threatening incidents such as information sharing, and general complaints. The report will automatically be assigned a Security Services file number, which ensures the information cannot be overlooked. Once the report has been received a Security Representative will review the content and, where appropriate, initiate an investigation. In an effort to limit misinformation, reports should be submitted by the person who witnessed the incident or knows most about the circumstances. If further details are required for clarification, the investigator will recall the reporting party for additional details.