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Important Notice

The information included in "Emergency Instructions" form part of the U of L's Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and has been provided as a reference guide only. Each emergency situation may require an individual to take immediate action to ensure their own safety.  The University strives to create and maintatin a culture of safety and personal safety is the responsibility of each individual.  The University also maintains an overarching Integrated Emergency Management Plan (IEMP) which is an all-hazard, all-risk approach to managing crisis response as well as non-crisis response.  It is recognized each and every hazard is different and should be treated accordingly.

Authority to Declare a Campus State of Emergency

The authority to declare a campus state of emergency rests with the President or designate, in consultation with the Incident Commander (IC). The IC remains in charge of the emergency until relieved from the responsibility by a more qualified person or as an operational requirement. A campus state of emergency remains in effect until it is lifted by the President or designate, in consultation with the IC.