Campus Safety Online Forms

The Travel Abroad Registry

The Travel Abroad Registry sets out standards to ensure safer experiences for University of Lethbridge students who travel internationally as part of a university program or activity. The policy and accompanying procedures assist in managing the risks associated with university sanctioned international travel programs and activities, and provide consistent processes to undertake the following:

(a) Authorization of student travel abroad for university activities or programs;

(b) Risk assessment of travel locations, regions and/or countries students will travel to, or via;

(c) Centralized and accessible risk management resources to enable university student travelers to be informed of and manage the risks associated with travelling abroad.

Workplace Risk Assessment Form

Supervisors must ensure an assessment of the potential for violence in the workplace has been completed. The assessment is not intended to replace or otherwise limit hazard assessments that are conducted in the normal course of University operations. When the potential for workplace violence is identified during an assessment, controls to mitigate the hazard will be considered. Assessments must be conducted.

(a) At least every 5 years;

(b) Where the Supervisor and/or Senior Officer becomes aware of a type of violence occurring in similar workplaces that was not considered when the existing assessment was conducted;

(c) When there is a significant change in the workplace such as the circumstances in which work takes place, the interactions that occur in the course of performing work, the physical location or layout of the workplace, such as renovations or new construction.

Behavioural Intervention

The Behavioural Intervention Committee was developed by the University of Lethbridge to respond to the early detection of and intervention of worrisome or potentially harmful behaviour and prevent campus violence.

The Behavioural Intervention Committee provides a centralized point to which concerned members of the university community can report instances of worrisome or potentially harmful behaviour, to a multidisciplinary assessment team who are trained in threat assessment procedures and best practices for behavioural intervention strategies.

You may file a report anonymously; however, it usually impedes the information gathering process and hinders the effectiveness of the team. Alternatively you may report your concerns in person or via telephone to Security Services. Security Services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For emergencies that need immediate attention you should contact 911 and then Security on 403 329 2345 or 2345 from an internal phone.