About Us

Welcome to the University of Lethbridge and the Department of Campus Safety. In order to address specific questions and concerns, the University of Lethbridge has developed Campus Safety into four areas of responsibility: Security Services, Emergency Management, Safety Services, and Risk and Insurance.

If you have questions or concerns relating to any of these services, please view the information on our Contact page.

Security Services

Security Services works with our campus community to maintain a safe place to study, live and work. Visit our website to see the variety of services we provide to the university. http://www.uleth.ca/security/content/programs

Emergency Management

Emergency Management is the newest addition to the area of Campus Safety. Emergency Management is responsible for developing plans for all hazardous situations that might occur at the University of Lethbridge and plan training to ensure our Campus Incident Response Team (CIRT), Emergency Management Team (EMT) and the Emergency Policy Group (EPG) have the resources and information they require to make decisions to keep You and Your University safe. Emergency Management strives to deliver the messages you need, when you need them! Prepare, Plan, and Practice!

Safety Services

Safety Services, operating under the umbrella of Campus Safety, is committed to the education and promotion of risk control and a strong safety culture for the University’s students, faculty, staff, and to members of the external community who attend and use the University facilities and services.

Safety Services is responsible for overseeing the University’s safety programs inclusive of laboratory safety, radiation safety, laser and X-ray safety as well as biosafety. It also manages the University’s Environment and Occupational Health and Safety program. The services the Safety Services team provides are multifaceted inclusive of conducting safety audits, assisting with hazard assessments, providing safety training such as WHMIS, laboratory safety, radiation and biosafety. Safety Services administers the University’s insurance portfolio; conducts risk assessments and risk orientations for University events, field trips, practicum, co-op, affiliations, internships, and international travel programs; waiver creation and administration; incident/accident investigation; claims management; ensuring safety legislative compliance and contract review as it relates to the insurance requirements and indemnity agreements.

The administration of University’s Alcohol Policy and the approval of events where alcohol is also managed by our risk management personnel.

Risk Management & Insurance

Risk Management is a shared responsibility at the University of Lethbridge and Risk & Insurance is a resource to operational units and faculties as they identify and mitigate risks that may have an adverse impact on the university community, programs, property and reputation.

Risk & Insurance provides a broad spectrum of services including but not limited to: Administering the insurance portfolio and insurance services for the University, claims administration, conducting international travel risk management orientations, monitoring the student travel registry, promote travel abroad security and medical assistance programs, event risk management assessment, directing the use of institutional liquor licenses, and issuance of ProServe tickets to University servers.