This guide was made possible through the contributions of many students, alumni and staff at the University of Lethbridge.

Thank you for taking the time to interact with this guide. As a student, you have a unique perspective, and your time is incredibly valuable. Be confident in your decision to study at the University of Lethbridge—you’re in the right place.

Martha Mathurin-Moe, thank you for taking the time out of your busy day for our interview and inspiring commentary. Thank you for your feedback on this guide. We are so lucky to have you and look forward to the fantastic projects you have in store.

Ryan Lindblad, thank you for taking the time to provide such a detailed and informative statement about the Student Council as our dedicated vice president external.

And to the 30+ students who contributed to this guide—your advice and suggestions are immeasurably valuable. Your words make up the backbone of this project. Special thanks to those who participated anonymously in focus groups and shared advice. Your contributions in the spirit of community are generosity and kindness exemplified—and will help many fellow students for years to come.

Student contributors:
  • Cassady Campos (BSc ‘21) - Computer Science
  • Cheyenne Clow, BA History with a minor in Liberal Education
  • Kourtney Commandeur (BA ‘21) - Psychology with minors in French and sociology
  • Caileigh Coupal, BSc Kinesiology
  • Amy Cran, BA Anthropology
  • Victoria Digout-Ford, PreBA/BEd French/Mod Lang Education: French with a minor in Social Studies Education
  • Zaynab Enayetullah, BHS Public Health
  • Cayley Fleischman, BSc Neuroscience/Psychology with a minor in Mental Health
  • Chloe Fraser (BA ‘20) - Urban & Regional Studies
  • Tabitha Gangur-Powell, BSc Neuroscience
  • Haley Gray, BHS Addictions Counselling
  • Shannon Healy (BSc Co-op ‘20) - Biological Sciences; MSc Biological Sciences
  • Cassie Klaas, BSc Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Nicko Linares, BA Archaeology & Geography
  • Kathleen Mah, BA Anthropology with a minor in Women & Gender Studies
  • Derek Melchin, BSc/BMgt Computer Science/Finance
  • Makita Mikuliak (BASc ‘20) - Anthropology/Psychology; MA Anthropology
  • Skylar Nikkel, BSc Applied Statistics with a minor in Computer Science
  • Angelica Peters (BA Co-op ‘21) - General Major: Humanities English/Spanish/History
  • Jace Riehl (BSc Co-op ‘21) - Computer Science
  • Julisha Roache, BA Anthropology
  • Ziara Ruchkall, BA Anthropology
  • Hana Sauve, BSc Kinesiology
  • Haley Shade (BSc ‘21) - Biological Sciences with a minor in Anthropology
  • Madeline Szabo (BSc ‘21) - Neuroscience; BA Kinesiology
  • Katrina Taylor (BSc ‘21) - Biological Sciences with a minor in
  • Women & Gender Studies
  • Alyssa White (BASc ‘21) - Anthropology/Psychology with a minor in English; MA Anthropology
  • Elisha Wong, BSc Neuroscience

Finally, Catharine Reader is the director of marketing & communications for the Faculty of Arts & Science and my co-op manager and mentor. Without Catharine, this guide would never have seen the light of day. Catharine allowed me to work on something I was passionate about and provided me with the tools to make it possible. She spent countless hours formatting, editing and putting together this guide as my co-op term end-date loomed closer.

Catharine, thank you for all your help this year, for your genuine care for students, your tireless efforts to highlight and showcase student talents and accomplishments. Thank you for working to improve the student experience and bringing awareness to new opportunities and resources. Thank you for showcasing our beautiful campus from a student-centred perspective.