When I started at ULethbridge, one of the first things I did was walk around campus the day before the semester began, trying to find every one of my classes.

It does cut the summer or winter break a bit short, but this walk saves a lot of stress when the hallways get filled with other students and leaves you more open to meeting new people or catching up with old friends on your first day back. I’ve also found that doing this early tour increases your chances of getting a great seat in the class (I know... I’m that person). Knowing which direction and room you’re looking for can save a lot of time. So come explore!

Shortcuts & Slang

Navigating campus

While most buildings on the Lethbridge campus are connected, there are a few outliers. Therefore, the fastest way to class may not always be the warmest, especially in winter. When deciding which route to take, you’ll need to consider how much time you have and whether you’re okay to walk outside. ‘The tunnel’ is a popular shortcut among students—which connects the 1st Choice Savings Centre for Sport & Wellness to the Centre for the Arts. It’s quite a long tunnel, but you won’t be bored. Inside, there are murals for student clubs painted on the walls. Give them a look!

For example, say you have a class in the Science Commons right after a course in the 1st Choice Savings Centre for Sport & Wellness. The quickest way to get there would be to leave the building from the doors closer to Turcotte Hall and Markin Hall (the northern side) and take the outdoor bridge into the Science Commons. However, suppose you have more than ten minutes and would rather stay inside. In that case, you might choose to instead exit from the southern side of the building and take the tunnel through the University Library, the Centre for the Arts, and UHall, and enter the Science Commons that way. It’s much longer, but it’s the route of choice on those windy, rainy or cold days.

Below, you will find a comprehensive campus map that highlights buildings and parking lots on the Lethbridge campus.

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Popular slang

  • SU/ULSU = Students’ Union
  • UHall = University Hall
  • The Zoo = the student pub/restaurant located on the top level of the (SU) building
  • The spaceship building = the SU building
  • The Grove = The patch of grass beside the SU building. This is where Fresh Fest takes place.
  • Dhillon = Markin Hall. Markin Hall is where the Dhillon School of Business operates from, so many people call Markin Hall ‘Dhillon.’
  • Science building = Science Commons
  • Bus loop = Aperture Drive W, where busses stop outside the Library.
  • Galileo’s = Galileo’s Lounge. This is a place to study or unwind. Sometimes this place is reserved for an event or movie showing. Located north end of the food court in the SU building.
  • The cafeteria = Could be referring to the food court in the SU building or Urban Market. Although considered a single vendor, Urban Market is next to many cafeteria tables in UHall and set up to look like a small market with more than one counter to order.
  • Fine arts building/arts building = Centre for the Arts. Known for its very long staircase.  
  • Block A = The first section of UHall with many cafeteria tables. There are also ‘Block B’ ‘C’ ‘D’ etc., indicated by large letters painted on the walls near the stairwells. UHall is split vertically into blocks, with Block A and B closer to the fine arts building, C and D closer to the Science Commons. This can help you find rooms. If you’re looking for ‘C552’, you know to go to the fifth floor, around the middle of UHall in block C.

You will need to apply for a parking permit through the website. An interesting parking fact you might not know is that you can register two different vehicles under one parking pass. So long as you display that single parking pass in whichever vehicle you are using, you can take turns carpooling with friends. Parking Services offers permits through a lottery.  

Download the Honk Mobile App to pay for hourly parking on campus. Although not necessarily a sustainable option every day, it might be worth it for that once-a-week club.

If driving is not an option for you, there are other ways to get to campus and around Lethbridge. Find information about transit off-campus and your UPass in ULife Hack #8 Explore Lethbridge.


Library takes the top spot

“The 24-hour study rooms outside of the library are the absolute best places to study. You can stay there as long as you want and they are private. Also, Dominos will deliver to them if you ask nicely.” - Katrina

“If you’re looking for somewhere quiet with a nice view, go study on the south side of floor nine at the library! If you’re looking for a more social place, the tables on floor seven of the Science Commons are great.” - Cayley

“My favourite place to study is the library on the 11th floor. For me, the noise level is perfect because it is not as loud as the 10th floor, but it is also not silent like the 9th floor tends to be.” - Julisha

“If I really needed to get work done, I would go to the ninth floor in the library, it was always super quiet, and I’d be able to concentrate. If I wanted to make studying more enjoyable but less efficient, my friends and I would go to the tables behind the cafeteria because you can chat while you study.” - Jace

Learn more about the library in ULife Hack #6 Study Hard & Connect.

Other study spots to check out

“My favourite place to study on campus is the pool viewing area. It’s really warm in there, and the sounds create white noise. It’s a great place to focus.” - Hana

“I loved studying in the comfy chairs alongside Starbucks and the library. The views of the rest of campus were great there. Sometimes it was fun to study in the pool viewing area and listen to the sound of water and the vibrancy of more activity going on. Where I studied depended on my mood, and whether I wanted total silence or to feel connected to people, so each of these suited me at a specific time.” - Angelica

“In the winter garden in the Science Commons. The view of the rest of campus is gorgeous, and there are lots of whiteboards to write on to solve problems.” - Cassie

“I love how quiet the winter garden in the Science Commons is, and the building itself is so cool. I love sitting on the benches especially and just stretching out as I do schoolwork. Plus, it’s usually warm, which is nice when you’re always cold like me” - Caileigh

“In the first couple of years, the best place was the lower level of the library. I would try to get one of those cubicles with a big window. It’s quiet down there, so it’s easy to focus. Later, I found booking the rooms in Markin Hall was the best place. It’s nice to have your own room because it’s quiet and you can eat without distracting others.” - Derek


“Coffee Co.! Best coffee on campus with an amazing variety of seasonal drinks. The staff are super friendly and always willing to suggest or create new drinks for you. It’s local, and the muffins are a perfect morning snack in between classes!” - Alyssa

“I tried not to eat out too much, but Subway in UHall was a solid choice when I was stuck at school working on assignments. If I were there in the morning, it would be the breakfast plates from the cafeteria.” - Jace

“Starbucks was wonderful to have around!” - Kourtney

“I really like the C&B restaurant in the science building. They have some of the best sandwiches!” - Nicko

“I loved Tim Hortons and Booster Juice.” - Skylar

“Chicken strips and fries from Urban Market!” - Cassady

Learn more about dining options in ULife Hack #1 Adulting 101.


“Taking the tunnel between UHall and the SU building is my favourite shortcut on campus. That was a lifesaver in the winter.” - Jace

“I park in N lot, and during the cold winter months, I always cut through Anderson Hall to get to my classes in other buildings. The extra couple minutes out of the wind and snow are awesome!” -  Madeline