Ira Provost | Native American Studies

Ira Provost

Cross-Cultural Educator. Blackfoot Guardian. Musician.

"Before class one begins locate your support systems, and see what they can do for you; always know that every uLethbridge staff (& graduate student) wants to see you succeed and do great things!"

Favourite Class: History of Rock and Roll (1 & 2)
Favourite Social Activity: Native American Awareness Week
Favourite Study Spot: Urban Market

My uLethbridge experience:

  • Sustainable future for my Blackfoot heritage through critical analysis of academic and non-academic work involving Indigenous people
  • Enriched creative and artistic interests through academic insight
  • Enlightened and incredibly encouraged to see the potential of many new undergraduate students and have been proud to see them continue and succeed, especially the FNMI students!
  • I am happy to see the uLethbridge begin to incorporate FNMI values and beliefs into all sectors of the uLethbridge campus and community and include the FNMI community in future development
  • I am so proud that whenever the President (or higher admin) begin all public addresses they begin with an acknowledgment that the “uLethbridge sits upon Traditional Blackfoot Territory”