Research for Department of Indigenous Studies

    Our Faculty & Their Research

    Faculty members at the University of Lethbridge are happy to involve undergraduate students in their research projects, using state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. Our faculty members often collaborate with other departments, community members and employers on research projects—giving you the opportunity to get additional hands-on experience.

    Current Research & Areas of Interest Include:

    • Native American Art
    • Native Self-government
    • Aboriginal Rights
    • Native Treaties
    • Native Law
    • Native Health
    • Native Women
    • Traditional Knowledge (incl medicine & ecology)
    • Native Philosophy
    • Land Struggles
    • Sustainable Land Development
    • Indigenous Languages

    Faculty at the University of Lethbridge find themselves in a unique position to:

    • Access excellent undergraduate students who can provide research assistance;
    • Collaborate with faculty outside of the Department of Indigenous Studies on joint projects and research areas;
    • Access exceptionally well-equipped facilities;
    • Teach from a Native perspective;
    • Participate in University governance;
    • Access a number of research grant opportunities;
    • Work in a number of different research and teaching areas;
    • Work with community members and local industry on various projects and initiatives.