Additional Resources & Information

In addition to regular course materials, many departments and program coordinators have developed supplementary information sources, tutorials, clubs and more for students, other faculty members and the community at large.

Support Services for Indigenous Students:

Lindi Shade
SS - Indigenous Student Affairs
Office: PC100 (Patterson Centre/Iikaisskinii)
Phone: (403)  317-2812

Charlene Bruised Head - Mountain Horse
Indigenous Student Advisor
SS - FNMI Student Services
Office: PC100 (Patterson Centre/Iikaisskinii)
Phone: (403)  329-2492


Iikaisskini (Low Horn) FNMI Centre

Center for Oral Histories and Traditions

University of Lethbridge Art Gallery

FNMI Student Advising

ISSC Program

Blackfoot Digital Library

Online Blackfoot Dictionary

Indigenous Protocol Handbook