Bachelor of Science, Agricultural Biotechnology

Program of Studies Description: Bachelor of Science, Agricultural Biotechnology (40 - course, direct entry program)

This degree provides highly technical skills in such areas as molecular biology, plant and microbial genetics, plant and animal breeding, animal cellular and food pathogens, and pest control. Students are in direct contact with scientists at the University and the Lethbridge Research Centre. As a result they have great opportunities for Co-op placement in agriculturally-related businesses and government agencies. They are exposed to the most up-to-date developments, techniques, instrumentation, and other equipment in this field.

Students pursuing this degree program are required to complete 40 courses at the University including the 23 course major. Required courses include Agricultural Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Physics, and Statistics. This multidisciplinary degree is highly technical and focused on research in biotechnology and biochemistry.

Objectives of the Program

The intent of the program is to provide students with highly technical skills which will enable them to work primarily in research environments although they also receive some exposure to issues of rural economy and sustainability.

Methods of Training

The students learn in small social cohorts, and are trained to use an array of advanced computer and laboratory equipment. Instruction consists of formal lecture courses and seminar-style courses in which students are required to actively participate in presentations and discussions. Written and oral communication skills, linked with computer-based graphics, are particular goals of the senior-level courses. Seminar courses also involve guest presentations by regional experts in the agribusiness and research fields.

The University has a unique partner professor agreement with the Lethbridge Research Centre that adds breadth to our course offerings, student research opportunities and co-op placements.