Placement Specific Accommodations

Did you know you can request accommodations for practicum placements, professional seminars, and Coop work terms? The Accessible Learning Centre (ALC) can support you in creating a placement specific accommodation plan

The ALC would:

  • Communicate with you to understand the placement environment and how your disability may create functional challenges.
  • Review your documentation.
  • Complete research into industry specific accommodations.
  • Consult with faculty about the overall requirements and essential competencies of the placement, and
  • Draft a placement specific accommodation letter for your review before submission to your placement coordinator.


If you need specialized support staff or technologies, this process may also require financial conversations and a possible grant application for eligible funded services. The complete process, from initial request to letter may take 4-6 weeks. Any grant funding approval for specialized supports and/or technologies could take a further 4-7 weeks.


Please Note: Your faculty has very specific timelines, and they may not be flexible. You must be aware of and consider them to ensure you are meeting your program requirements. We recommending students connect with placement coordinators well in advance for the best possible experience. They can advise you on their processes.


If you are registered with Accessible Learning Centre and are requesting a placement specific accommodation plan, and a placement specific letter to be shared with your faculty, please contact book a meeting with a member of our team.

Students who are not registered with ALC will be required to participate in the registration process.