Assignment Extensions

You may have documentation that supports assignment deadline extensions or have had this accommodation in the past.


Timed assignments, where students must complete the assignment within a very short time frame (usually same day) are accommodated in a similar manner to exams or quizzes. They include the time extension accommodation for eligible students. However, for assignments where instructions and dates are known well in advance, extensions are discouraged unless under exceptional circumstances.


If circumstances lead to a need for an extension, we recommend negotiating a reasonable deadline with the instructor.  In some cases, instructors have already built generous completion time in. Instructors can consider factors like their due dates that are tied directly to the academic calendar, standards, and requirements of each course.  The instructor can determine the complexity and work involved in a new deadline and provide content assistance. In summary, the instructor has all the information required to make the best decision for the student and the program.


It is best to approach the instructor well ahead of the deadline.  Be prepared to share what circumstance prevents you from meeting the deadline, how much work you have already completed and how much time you will need. 


If you are not successful, or if you need help for exceptional circumstances or an unforeseen crisis, please reach out to ALC for support and advocacy. We also offer strategy sessions and resources in time management and organization skill development so that you are not as pressured by competing priorities in future semesters.