Student Awards/Prizes

School of Liberal Education Volunteer Award

Congratulations to Erin Burns.  Erin is the winner of the 2020 School of Liberal Education Volunteer Award.  The award is given to a student with high academic standing and a strong record of volunteer activity in the community. 

2021  Jamie Hazell

2020   Jaxon Reiter

2019  Amber Weinender

2018  Abigail Curle

2017  Cassandra Ostashek

2016  Katherine Hatton

Friends of Liberal Education Prize

The School of Liberal Education congratulates Jamie Hazell, the 2021 recipient of the  Friends of Liberal Education Prize for outstanding achievement in Liberal Education 1000 or 2000. Previous winners are  Katherine Hatton (2016), Cassandra Ostashek (2017), Abigail Curle (2018), Amber Weinender (2019), J

The Muthada Boora Family Awards

This prize is awarded based on grades, volunteer work, and an essay on the value of Liberal Education.

The Fall 2019 winners are Bronwyn Burghardt, Paige Shade and Kylie Fineday.

The Fall 2018 winners are Blaine Primeau, Madeline Szabo and Mikaela Tegart.

The Fall 2019 winners are Bronwyn Burghardt, Paige Shade and Kylie Fineday.

The Fall 2020 winners are Chloe Devoy, Annie Stehr, Breanne Rosenau and Kianna Turner.

The Fall 2021 winners are Alexander Wiigs, Madison Dixon, Kristen Lea and Kyra Ergang.

Liberal Education Essay Award

Congratulations to Dalys Fletcher and Kieran Brennan, winners of the Liberal Education Essay Prize in Spring 2017. Days Fletcher was awarded first prize of $1500  for her essay The Good Life. Kieran Brennan was awarded second prize of $500 for his essay Creativity: the Fifth Pillar of Liberal Education. Essays can be found on our Awards and Prizes page.