Agility supports multi-disciplinary projects that involve experiential learning in agriculture & agribusiness, social innovation, entrepreneurship, and emerging technologies.

Agility builds on the strong foundation of a liberal education while preparing students for life and careers in the 21st century. No other post-secondary institution in Alberta has designed a comprehensive program that supports students through their course work & co-curricular activities, scholarships & fellowships, as well as innovation & collaboration spaces.

Agility is trans-disciplinary and is focused on providing students with an innovation toolkit that will serve their life-long endeavours, no matter what direction life takes them. Agility equips students with the skills of resiliency, responsiveness, and adaptability to allow them to keep pace with an evolving labour market. Students also develop skills that help them to tolerate risk and thrive despite change or failure.

Agility brings hands-on learning experiences related to social innovation to all students.


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A Liberal Education prepares students for a lifetime of growth and success within their chosen careers and their personal lives. Employers have stated the need for graduates with a Liberal Education to meet the requirements of a rapidly changing global economy in the twenty-first century.

Themes in Innovation will help students develop the skills learned throughout their liberal education. This class focuses on skills like creativity, critical thinking, and innovation for dealing with complex problems. Creativity, philosophy & history of technology, and social change are all at the core of this course. Students will be introduced to some of the foundational ideas that contribute to the innovation culture, which is built upon the principles of problem-solving, designing & building solutions, and supporting community growth through collaboration. Students are able to move an idea through its inception to a full-blow proposal. Successful student projects have an opportunity to continue being developed once the course is completed. Eligible ideas will be supported through Agility to see their proposal become a reality. See more on Liberal Education 3350 here.