2022 School of Liberal Education Symposium (September 23, 2022)

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Miranda Leibel - Policies that 'Count': Accountability, Transparency, and 'Justness' in Settler Colonial and Neoliberal Canada;

Martha Mathurin-Moe - Debunking the myths of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging: Opening up brave spaces for conversation; 

Dr. Amy Mack - Speaking Openly: Right-Wing Extremism and the University

Panel on Open Pedagogy: Brendan Cummins, Richelle Marynowski, Alyssa White

Despite some technical difficulties with our live-streaming for this event, the talks were recorded and are available at the links shown below:

Miranda Leibel:

Amy Mack:

Panel on Open Pedagogy :

2021 School of Liberal Education Symposium (September 24, 2021 - online format)
Guest Speakers:  Dr. Dena McMartin - Stretching Toward Multidisciplinary Research; Dr. Amy von Heyking - School Curriculum: A Complicated Conversation; Dr. Chloe Crosschild - Piinaat'stikaanookiinan: A Call to Decolonize Nursing Practice; William Singer III - Changing Paths
Breakout Sessions:  Brendan Cummins, Makita Mikuliak, Alyssa White, Dr. Jodie Asselin, Trushar Patel, Dr. Richelle Marynowski, Keeley Wadsworth and Crystal Goodrider, Mary Runte, Aaron Stout

2020 School of Liberal Education Symposium (September 25, 2020)
Keynote Panel:  Care Labour:  Value and Recognition
Panelists:  Dr. Jan Newberry (Department of Anthropology); Tanya Pace-Crosschild (Opokaa'sin Early Intervention); Dr. Sienna Caspar (Faculty of Health Sciences)

2019 Social Justice Symposium (September 20, 2019)
Keynote Speaker:  Jackson 2bears
Guest Speakers:  Dr. Robin Gibb - Building Brains and Futures: One Connection at a Time; Paul McKenzie-Jones - Rights of Nature Movements in Contemporary Indigenous Ligel Systems.  Social Justice for All?; Rumi Graham - Social Justice in scholarly publishing: Open access is the only way; Gabriel Asselin - Substance Use, Stigma, and Access to Health Care Services.

2018 Social Justice Symposium (September 21, 2018)
Guest Speakers:  Dr. Julie Young - What is Social Justice?; Dana Inkster - To GIve Voice: Inclusivity and the Public Record; Dr. Adriane MacDonald - The Future We Want: What Sustainable Development Means for Social Justice; Dr. Julia Brassolotto - Older Adults, Health Equity, and Social Justice; Dr. Noella Piquette - Advocating: Social Justice and Diversity in Educational and Counselling Psychology; Roy Pogorzelski - A Metis Perspective on Reconciliation.

2017 Social Justice Symposium (September 22, 2017)
Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Bryan Kolb
Guest Speakers:  Dr. Harold Jansen - Education for Democracy; Paula Cardozo - Libraries for Justice; Josie Mills - Art for Social Justice; Don McIntyre - The TRC; Dr. Jan Newberry - Raising Spirit Project; Dr. Tom Johnston - Geographical & Environmental Issues; Dr. Anne Dymond - Immigrant Issues; Dr. Maura Hanrahan - FNMI Issues; Cheryl Currie - Social Epidemiology.